What are the most popular types of software development services I can expect from Brain Inventory?

Brain Inventory offers a comprehensive range of software development services to meet any need.

Brain Inventory has the expertise to build custom software and applications for all platforms. We offer:

  • The creation of new web, mobile, and desktop applications from scratch
  • Custom coding and programming services for any software needs
  • Website building, updating, and upkeep
  • Design and development of mobile apps for all devices like iPhones, Android phones and others
  • Testing and fixing of software bugs and issues
  • IT assistance, system maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Technology advice and consulting services
  • Staffing help by providing skilled IT experts and developers
  • Cloud computing services such as migration, hosting, and storage
  • New technologies such as AI, machine learning, data analysis, IoT, and automation of business processes.
We have proficiency across the entire range of software development and tech services. Whether you need help with a particular project or managing your overall IT infrastructure and systems, Brain Inventory has the abilities and experience to make your software vision a reality.

What project management tools do you use?

We utilize commonly used project management programs such as Jira, Trello, Pivotal Tracker, Asana, and Slack. These tools allow you to keep track of developer productivity and daily project progress. You can generate tasks, delegate work, and monitor development advancement.

Do you provide support and maintenance services after deployment?

We offer ongoing support and maintenance after finishing your project. Our post-launch services cover resolving bugs, upgrading the framework, continuously monitoring performance, and fixing technical issues to improve your product over time.

What distinguishes Cross-platform development from Native App development?

When building apps for mobile devices, native development involves utilizing the platform-specific languages and tools. Objective-C and Swift code is written in Xcode for Apple platforms to produce iOS apps. For Android, developers write Java or Kotlin code in Android Studio to produce apps. With cross-platform approaches, a single codebase can generate apps across multiple operating systems like iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. The cross-platform framework enables writing code once that can then be deployed to the different platforms. This prevents needing to rewrite the application for each operating system natively.

Which operating system should we focus on iOS, Android, or both?

Due to the increasing prevalence of iPhones and the newest Android phones, we suggest releasing the product on both operating systems.

Can I expect my website to function properly and appear visually appealing on all types of devices and various desktop operating systems?

We will create a website that adjusts its layout responsively using modern CSS 3 standards. This will ensure optimal display across desktop browsers and mobile operating systems. The site will dynamically adapt for an optimal viewing experience on any device.

Should I create a website that has all the same functionality as a mobile application?

A website doesn't need to contain the same features as the application. You can initially focus your efforts on developing just the core mobile application with a simple one-page website. Once the application gains more users and traction, you can then invest in building out a more robust, responsive website that mirrors the features and functionality of the application. The website and app can be developed in phases, starting with an MVP app and a simple landing page site, then later expanding the features on both platforms in tandem. This allows you to validate the product idea and get to market faster, without needing to build extensive web and mobile platforms upfront before demonstrating product-market fit.

If I want to be involved in the development process, is it okay?

Yes, the Brain Inventory is founded on Agile principles. This Agile software development method involves constant iteration, where the "client-product owner" actively participates throughout the process. Our approach is tailored and flexible. At every stage, from conceptualization to launch, you'll receive daily progress reports from the team via Sprint. Our daily scrum meetings incorporate adaptive planning, continuous improvement, execution, and rapid adaptation to change.

Can you designate a dedicated individual, specifically a "Project Manager – Scrum Master," to serve as the main point of contact?

A specialized project manager, known as the Scrum master, will be designated for the entire duration of our collaboration. This person will be your main point of contact for any help, questions, or issues that arise. You can reach out to the Scrum master at any time for support.

How can I get started with Brain Inventory for my software development project?

Embarking on a project with Brain Inventory is effortless! You can get in touch with us via our website or contact us directly to set up a meeting. Our specialists will talk through your project needs, offer tailored suggestions, and walk you through the subsequent actions to commence your project experience with us.

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