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BrainInventory is a prominent front-end development company located in India.Our Next.js developers are well-versed with handling technologies such as Node.js and React.js which enable us to offer flawless front-end applications to our customers.

100+ Satisfied Customers, including Fortune Organizations, Have Placed Their Confidence in Us

Hire an Experienced Next.js Developers to Upscale Your Development

Hire Next JS is considered one of the most professional, cost-effective, and quality-oriented developers in India. We have a proven track record of rendering the best services in major industry verticals. Hire us today and unlock your business growth with the right web development solutions!

Our next js developer team is the best in its field. Our team can boast of having the required skills to provide custom PWA solutions to customers worldwide. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable solution provider to help you with your business web development needs, then don't look any further. We will be able to provide unmatched web development services to our clients. We have a team of expert developers who can create high-impact web applications that would help your business achieve a competitive edge in the market. We develop the best out of the Next.js framework and come up with responsive applications.

Next JS Server-Side Rendered Apps

Next.js is a powerful framework that we use to build efficient and fast single-page apps. The era of server-side rendering has arrived and with it, many benefits for web development. With SSR, we can create an app that loads almost instantly once the page is requested, which makes for a much faster user experience.

Next.js Custom Development

Our team of certified engineers with years of experience have put their blood, sweat, and tears into developing Next JS. From designing custom web applications to developing your business strategy, to consulting on how you can be more efficient and profitable, we're here to help – any time you need us.

Next.js Integration Services

We are familiar with Next.js inside out, and we have proven experience as well as expertise in integrating its analytical mechanism with your existing web app. Our approach is optimized for all types of web applications, whether it be a single-page web application or a multi-page application.

Next.js Plugin Development

Our Next.js experts understand the technical requirements to develop a dynamic website that allows users to interact with your site through a number of features. We use modern platforms and technologies. Our developers ensure that the plugins identified with your project are compatible with the platform, thereby eliminating the problem of possible incompatibility issues.

Next.js Upgradation and Migration Services

Next.js is a popular framework for Single Page Applications. It’s used to build highly interactive and mobile-friendly websites with a variety of tools that help you develop your project faster. Whether you are experiencing a buggy interface, compatibility errors, site downtime, or functionality problems, hire on-demand Next.js developers to get instant resolution.

Advantages to Hiring
Hiring Next.js Developers

Next.js is a robust framework that provides server-side rendering, which can significantly improve the performance of web applications. A Next.js developer can help optimize your application's performance by using server-side rendering and other techniques.

It can also provide built-in SEO optimization features, such as automatic generation of meta-tags and optimized server-side rendering. A Next.js developer can help ensure that your application is optimized for search engines and is easily discoverable by users.

Provides a fast and efficient development experience, thanks to its built-in features, and simplified setup. A Next.js developer can leverage these features to develop applications faster and more efficiently, reducing development time and cost.

Next.js is highly scalable and can easily handle large volumes of traffic and data. A Next.js developer can help ensure that your application is designed to scale effectively and can handle growth as your business grows. Contact us to hire our professional developer!

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Our Key Skill Set

Brain Inventory has extensive experience in Next. js-based projects and know how to use them in an effective manner. As our best Next.js developer, they provide custom Next.js apps with the flexibility of WordPress while delivering a high level of performance and usability. We are a team of Web-developers and designers that have specialized in the development of modern, fast & user-friendly Next. js-based applications. We offer services like quality code, feature-rich, and secure client websites, clean, and modular coding, seamless integration with Mobile Apps, eCommerce integrations on the go & much more.

  • Cost-efficient Solution

  • Committed Retention of Developers

  • Expert Developers

  • Transparent Development Processes

Why Hire Next.js Developers from Brain Inventory

Handpicked Experts

We handpick our newest JS developers from the pool of applicants to ensure that every candidate is thoroughly screened for industry-specific skills, experience, and educational training. Our recruitment process only allows us to select candidates who have demonstrated their interest and aptitude for working in our desired position.

In-depth Talent Analysis

When hiring a developer, the employer needs to evaluate their skills and experience in order to know they are getting a good fit. Many employers rely on developer skills and experience only but it is important to look at other aspects of the applicants such as their strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

At BI, we provide the best protection for your company's intellectual property and trade secrets. Our clients sign an NDA with us to protect their business interests without revealing proprietary information. We also offer a suite of services — product liability and breach of warranty — to protect any healthcare system from lawsuits.

Flexible Engagement

Our Next JS Development Company enables you to hire Next JS developers on a temporary and permanent basis such that they fit your needs. When you employ our team of experts for a particular project, you can be sure that we will make exceptional progress from the moment we start working together.

No Additional Costs

Our experience in the industry is a testimony to the fact that we are able to carry out all types of projects with precision and hard work. We have a stringent and well-planned project schedule that ensures considering all expenditures to be incurred right from the start, and hence, there are no additional expenses.

Why Choose Brain inventory for Your Next Assignment

Hire our experienced UI/UX design team for your complex projects. At BrainInventory, we have an experienced team of business professionals who help our clients to achieve their marketing objectives. Our methodology begins with thoroughly understanding each client's business and needs. We then create a custom identity solution that is designed specifically to meet their needs. Our experience in delivering highly complex business process solutions has allowed us to understand the importance of a well-defined and fully functioning architecture.

We understand that Next.js delivers highest quality frontend development and after years of experience in the industry, we have a team of dedicated Next JS developers with vast experience and technical knowledge. Our developers are highly skilled and well equipped with the technological skills to deliver quality web applications specializing in Next.js development services. Hire our Next.js experts and get exactly what you want in your software application.

Hire dedicated Next.js experts from us to build lightweight, server-side, and simple test-driven apps. We have Next.js developers for hire whose expertise can be leveraged to develop smooth, high-performing, and scalable web apps. We understand the importance of good design, functional programming, and responsive Web Applications at BrainInventory.

How We Engage

Scrap the constrained project collaboration models limiting your software capabilities and choose the flexible IT engagement models to work with us until your requirements are satisfied under your budget.

Hourly Hiring


Work Reporting

Monthly Hiring

160 Guaranteed

Working Hours

Hire Next Js App Developers From Brain Inventory in 4 Easy Steps

Share Your Requirements

We’ll schedule a quick call and understand your project requirements thoroughly. Don’t worry! It’s secure and confidential.

Shortlist the Right-Fit Talent

We’ll conduct a talent screening, pick, and curate a list of right-fit dedicated talents for hire.

Interview the Talent

Schedule the interview with the talent, matching skill sets to your requirements.

Onboard & Begin the Project

Once you find your right-fit talent, we’ll help you remotely onboard, begin the project, and provide support.

Gaining Client’s Trust Since 2011 & Many More to Go

We paint the bright future for businesses working on digital landscapes and firmly believe in providing productive long-term business relationships.


IT Professionals


Next Js Developers


Project Manager


Do you provide post-deployment support?

After deployment, your customer's app is ready to go, and it automatically scales with traffic. But sometimes you have to troubleshoot a problem with the app performance and it's hard to do so – especially if there is no documentation on how to solve certain tasks. At Brain Inventory, we offer professional support in case you need help fixing an issue with Next.js apps. We will help you solve any issues related to deployments and operations of your application.

Do you provide me with absolute ownership of the source code?

The final ownership of the source code is yours. Every code we write for you is yours to keep. We retain no rights over your project’s computer files or intellectual property in any way except as stated in this agreement.

Will the hired Next.js resources work according to my time zone?

The most innovative platform for the development of your cross-platform app that lets you hire Next.js developers from us to work according to your time zone (EST/PST/CST/MST), deadline, and milestone.

What is Next JS used for?

Next.js is a framework made for creating server-side rendered web applications. It's used for handling the view layer for the web, but more importantly it's built on top of the most popular JavaScript library out there: React. The Next.js framework takes all of the ideas from React — including Immutable State and Server-Side Rendering — and turns them into one piece of software that can be used in any JavaScript project.

Can Next JS be added to an existing project?

Yes, you can utilize Next.js with React and other React frameworks. A typical approach is to add a Next.js script tag to an individual widget or component which will result in a wireframe-like iteration of the application view.

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