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Virifi.io serves as the foundational digital infrastructure supporting our strategic solutions across various business domains. With its robust technology, Virifi.io underpins a wide range of applications in FinTech, HR, EdTech, and eGovernment. Virifi is the utilization of a private and secure blockchain network. This network enables the storage, retrieval, and validation of critical data in a safe and tamper-proof manner. The secure exchange of information between Virifi and other entities is governed by channel-level security protocols and authentication mechanisms. It leverages a cloud-native Hyperledger platform. This cloud-based approach enhances scalability, flexibility, and accessibility, empowering the private Virifi Blockchain to deliver optimal performance and reliability. To ensure seamless integration, Virifi was designed with a focus on API development. The APIs were built as a primary component, allowing easy and controlled access to the Virifi platform through a fully managed API gateway. This gateway enables granular control over access and usage, providing users with minute-level management capabilities. It offers robust identity verification capabilities and supports e-KYC (electronic Know Your Customer) processes.

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As the project is a blockchain foundation, the team required a solid understanding of blockchain principles. The implementation involved the creation of a private blockchain utilizing the Hyperledger Fabric framework. This introduced a completely new technological landscape for the team to navigate. Another notable challenge was the implementation of PDF document signing using signing certificates. Maintaining multiple signatures while ensuring the authenticity of the document posed significant complexities. Furthermore, the associated information had to be appropriately displayed in the user interface, requiring meticulous integration and synchronization. As blockchain operates on a decentralized platform, scalability and data preservation were critical considerations. It was essential to establish mechanisms for seamless upscaling and downscaling of the platform without compromising data integrity. Additionally, deploying new chaincodes necessitated thorough coordination among connected peers to ensure the updated chaincode was uniformly adopted across the network.


Overcoming these challenges required the development team to possess a comprehensive understanding of blockchain architecture, cryptography, and distributed systems, enabling them to devise effective solutions that ensured a robust and scalable outcome. To tackle the challenge of understanding blockchain technology, the team underwent extensive training utilizing available resources. They also dedicated ample time to individual research, conducting in-depth exploration of the technology and its intricacies. Additionally, the team implemented multiple proofs-of-concept (POCs) to gain hands-on experience, allowing them to solidify their understanding and pave the way for the development of the final product. Addressing the complexities associated with PDF document signing involved a meticulous study of the document's architecture and the underlying principles of document signing. This deep dive provided invaluable insights, guiding the team towards informed decision-making. Furthermore, the team explored obtaining Digital Signer Certificates (DSCs) from various vendors, thoroughly comprehending the process of certificate issuance and usage to ensure seamless integration within the solution. To achieve scalability and orchestration, the team leveraged Docker and Docker Swarm. These containerization technologies facilitated the seamless management and control of multiple containers across virtual machines. By utilizing this infrastructure, the team successfully scaled the platform, accommodating an increased number of organizations and peers participating in the transaction record process.

Meet the Team

Krishna Agrawal

Krishna Agrawal

Sr. UI/UX Designer

Pradyumna Garg

Pradyumna Garg

Software Architecture

Gautam Patil

Gautam Patil

Software Engineer

Sohail Khan

Sohail Khan

Software Architecture

Milestones & Achievements

Within the first month only, the development team achieved a significant milestone by successfully creating the private blockchain infrastructure using the Hyperledger Fabric framework.

Just in 20 days successfully implemented PDF document signing functionality. This achievement involved in-depth research on PDF document architecture, understanding the intricacies of document signing, and implementing a robust solution that allowed for multiple signatures while ensuring document authenticity.

Meet the breakeven in lesser taImplemented the necessary network nodes, consensus mechanisms, and smart contracts to establish a secure and decentralized foundation for the platform in 40 days.han its development time

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