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Why you may need a  Node.Js Development services?

Node.Js Development Services

Benefits of Node.Js Development

Node.js makes use of the V8 JavaScript engine to run JavaScript code. V8 changes JavaScript into optimized machine language before executing it. This process of compilation allows Node.js to manage many concurrent connections effectively, letting it react rapidly even when handling high traffic. By taking advantage of V8's rapidity and capability, Node.js can deliver swift performance for real-time web apps.

It is designed to be highly scalable due to its event-driven, non-blocking I/O model. It can handle a large number of concurrent connections efficiently, making it suitable for applications that require high scalability, such as real-time applications, and chat servers.

Node.js offers a streamlined development process with its vast package ecosystem and a large number of open-source libraries. Developers can leverage these libraries to accelerate development and focus more on building application logic rather than reinventing the wheel.

It uses JavaScript on both the client-side and server-side, allowing developers to use the same language and codebase across the entire stack. This reduces the learning curve and enables developers to work on both front-end and back-end development seamlessly.

Why Node.Js Development from Brain Inventory


Brain Inventory is an emerging Vuejs web development company with an experienced and flexible team of web application developers, sysops, project managers, and full-stack engineers. We are committed to making your business thrive and leveraging the advantages of responsive web design to help you expand, grow and flourish.

Uplifted User Experience

Our team of designers creates the website user interface and experience to increase user engagement. We ensure that you have a pleasant experience. Our developers use the latest technology to develop scalable, robust, secure, and future-proof websites for your business in order to deliver results-oriented products.

Flexible Engagement Models

We give you the flexibility to choose the best engagement model that is suitable for your project. We believe in transparency and quality in every project and by having a customized solution for each project we deliver our clients the best results which makes us one of the top web development companies.

Why Choose Brain Inventory for Your Next Assignment

Web and Mobile App Development with Node.js The trend of Single Page Applications has made Node.js high in demand across all industries and OS. This is the reason why leading IT brands have already started using node js development services.

High interactive web applications require backend server-side technologies to bring out real-time processing abilities and push information to the browser instantly.

This can be accomplished easily by utilizing node.js with the help of custom development services from our team of developers.

Not only this, but we also provide assistance to enterprises to boost their online performance with flexible and feature-rich solutions for them that include scalable components, increase security, create a steady foundation, and much more (quite literally).

We are a team of highly skilled developers and strategists who are an expert in Node.js. We build flexible applications that work with the most recent editions of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

With the ability to take on several projects at once, we have created customized applications using Node.js for customers in various industries including information technology administration, online retail, operational administration, government, finance, high-tech manufacturing, healthcare, and education.

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Industries we serve

  • Healthcare Services
  • eLearning & Lms
  • On-Demand Service


How much does it cost to develop a NodeJs app?

It depends. The answer to this simple question is not so simple in reality. The total cost of development of a NodeJs app can vary largely depending on the functionalities required, the kind of resource you are hiring, and the engagement mode you choose to develop your digital product at various stages. In short, the more complex features you plan to implement, the more time developers will be required to develop them.

Do you use any project management tools?

We stay organized by using industry-standard project management tools like Jira, Trello, Pivotal Tracker, Asana, etc. We can create the task, assign the work and monitor the development progress. You check for updates daily. We’ve got it covered!

Do you provide NDA and IP protection for my project?

You will have 100% ownership of your project. It includes NDA, copyright, source code, intellectual property rights, confidential letters, other MoUs, etc. Since we can’t disclose the name of a client, I would give you an example of our brand identity work for a private investment bank.

Will I get post-development support?

For the maintenance of the web app, you do not require to hire a full-time, dedicated developer as we have a flexible bucket model, which allows you to hire Node.js developers to provide dedicated support and maintenance service when required. As per our agreement with our clients, we agree that 50% of any enhancement made in the web app should be paid for by the client. So if you want us to make any changes to some part of your website functionality, just let us know about it and we will get back to you later.

We already have designs ready, can you work with those?

Yes, we do!

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