Dedicated Development

If you want to increase your efficiency and speed up your product development, then you need to hire experienced developers.

With our team of experienced developers, you can build large products faster than ever before. We're experienced in building apps for both enterprise and consumer markets, so we know how to take on any app project.

We'll help you build a product that's ready for launch in no time at all and will be fully functional from day one.

Get in touch with us

Whether it's an internal team or an external consultant, we can help you find the right fit.

We understand the importance of having a smooth-running team, and we make sure that all of our employees have the knowledge and skills to deliver on your goals. We work with you to identify the right people for your project, then train them in your company's unique culture before they hit the ground running.

Our Process

Quick and Transparent Process to the Hire
Remote Developers

Brain Inventory Shortlists the Best Candidates (8 hours)

  • Shortlists the developers with relevant skills
  • Based on their work and experience, we filter the best.
  • Check their availability for the start date.

1st Round of Interview is
Conducted (8 hours)

  • Brain Inventory team conducts the first round to check skills
  • A chart with skillset and a rating out of 10 is marked.
  • Resume along with rating are updated and shared with client.

Onboarding Process (8 hours)

  • Developer details like email, skype, etc are shared
  • Time Tracking Tool and PM tool invites are shared to client
  • A dedicated Account Manager is assigned for smooth relation

Requirements Gathering (3.5 hours)

  • Understanding the product, and features that need implementation
  • Creating a list of essential skills required for the execution
  • Making Recommendations and suggestions for right 3rd party tools

Interview is scheduled with Client (8 hours)

  • Availability schedule for 1 day is shared by client for interview
  • Only the best and most suitable are interviewed by clients.
  • Save hours of effort spent in filtering and review

Contract Signing (8 hours)

  • NDA and Contract are shared with client for review
  • - All responsibilities and conditions are clearly mentioned
  • - Client reverts with a signed copy of contract and NDA

Hire Remote Developers to Enhance your
team capability now.

Our Process

Quick and Transparent Process to
the Hire Remote Developers


  • Employee Salary
  • HR Cost
  • Recruitment Cost
  • Office Space and System Cost
  • Upskilling and Learning
  • Work Culture Maintenance
  • Total Estimated Cost

Inhouse Developer

  • $12,500.00
  • $100.00
  • $2500.00
  • $350.00
  • $100.00
  • $50.00
  • $ 15,500

Brain Inventory Contact resourse

  • $2000.00
  • Included
  • Included
  • Included
  • Included
  • Included
  • $2,000

Benefits of hiring remote developers from India

Hire Remote Developers At Affordable Cost

With the advent of technology, India has become a hub for startups

With the right mix of affordability, quality assurance, and time overlap with major countries, it is no wonder that we are the top country to hire remote development teams.

Leverage all such benefits and cut hiring costs to boost the growth of your startup with Brain Inventory, a top web, and app development company.

90+ Clients From

Cities across globe


Employment Rate by IT Industry


New Trained Professionals Every Year

$500 Billion

IT Market Revenue in india(by 2025)

India‘s IT industry has the highest employment rate in the world, and it produces skilled and competent talent every year. With business-friendly policies, India remains the most preferred country to hire remote dedicated developers.

Hire Remote Developers to Enhance your
team capability now.

Best Practices

Efficient, Smart and Dedicated Professionals

Even when you hire a single developer, from Brain Inventory you hire the complete team’s experience.

Our closely connected team provides a strong backbone to every project that we work on. Daily scrum calls helps developers share their challenges and take guidance from other experienced developers from the team.

  • Certified Developers
  • Weekly Tech Workshop
  • 9500+ dev community
  • Transparent and proactive


We make it easy for you to scale your team at any instant.

Startup Friendly Policies

We understand and support the dynamics of a growing startup.

No Bond

Brain Inventory Values Trust More than a Bond. Grow Limitless with Us.


Track resource time and tasks using sophisticated tools


Timely and transparent communication makes us the most dependable partner.

Account Manager

Each client is assigned an Account Manager for all query resolution ensuring a single point of contact.

Technologies we use

Technology Geeks


Do you have a Question for us?

How much does it cost to hire a Dedicated Developer from Brain Inventory?

Cost necessarily varies based on the skills you require. We offer a closed set of technology at which we really excel. Starting price for a monthly contract with Brain Inventory is at $1000 per month. Cost increase with years of experience and the technology requirement. It is extremely easy to upscale your team with Brain Inventory. Within 7 days you can onboard our developer to your team and with 1-month notice, you can end the contract. Our policies are extremely startup-friendly.

How will I communicate with the Developer?

Once we have signed the contract and received the payment we will create an open channel between you and our developers. Team Brain Inventory aim is to reduce the hassle and save your time. We use Skype, Slack, Whatsapp, Trello and Discord for all our communication. Nonetheless, we are open to your preferences and collaborate where you are most comfortable.

I live in a different timezone from India, How will the developer work with me?

Team of Brain Inventory has helped numerous overseas clients belonging from opposite time zones to complete Time Overlap. Developers of our team can be available for different time shifts to ensure we are working together. We schedule meetings, discussions at times that are suitable for both of us. Stay working crossing time zones when you work with Brain Inventory.

What happens when a developer is not working as per expectation?

You can raise a query to your account manager about the performance. We will do an internal analysis and give a 1 week chance to the developer to improve performance. Onc completion of 1 week you will have 2 options.

If I terminate the contract what will happen to my advance payment?

We will calculate the number of days developers worked for you and reduce that amount from your advance payment and refund you the remaining complete amount. Long term relations can only be built on happy relations.

Have an idea?
Get in touch, we’d be
happy to hear from you

We are always looking out for new collaborations, whether you are a client who is passionate about a project or a talent who is interested in joining our team, our doors are always open.

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Brain Inventory India (HQ) - 618, Shekhar Central, Palasia Square, A.B Road, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, 452001

India (HQ)

618, Shekhar Central, Palasia Square, A.B Road, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, 452001


Brain Inventory United Kingdom office: SBVS, 8 Roundhay Road, Leeds, UK, LS7 1AB

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44 Main Street East Milton, ONCanada L9T 1N3


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185 Wasfi Al-Tal Street, Ammon Oasis Complex P.O Box 4724 Amman 11953 Jordan


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720 Seneca St Ste 107 Seattle, USA 98101


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