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The quality assurance team is an essential part of any software development company. Our team has a strong passion to ensure that our products are built with high-quality standards and meet industry standards.

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Hire an Experienced QA Analyst to Upscale Your Development

We have Quality Analysts for hire with 3+ years of working experience, who have an excellent understanding of software testing. We provide a full range of services from Quality Assurance, Software Development Life Cycle, agile methodologies, and automated testing to deployment automation. Our maturity in controlling the quality from writing the first line of code with linters, and quality coding habits in development to highly matured deployment pipelines with several quality checks makes us the perfect partner for you.

We offer an outstanding experience to our clients to deliver quality test results and have them much faster than usual. We can rely on our skillful team of quality analysts who are well-trained in various testing tools and frameworks like Junit, Chai, Selenium, SOAP UI, and Load UI. They are capable enough to develop test plans according to your needs by understanding scenarios thoroughly while they keep deadlines tight.

API testing

API testing is a part of integration testing that allows product teams to quickly and easily integrate calls to backend services. API Testing helps the company gain insights into the quality of its API interface and also allows them to ensure they are meeting its customer's needs by testing on real-time market demands.

Testing in Respect of Test Cases

Test cases are written by the development team, project managers, and business analysts on the basis of the requirement traceability matrix and use cases. These types of test cases are created by software engineers as a part of their daily job to verify whether the development or programming processes are flawless or not.

Performance and Load Testing

Your application is tested in-house by our quality analysts to make sure it meets your expectations. Our experts test your software thoroughly to ensure that it suits the standards and specifications of our clients. We guarantee perfection by following the company's guidelines strictly and rigorously with our clientele.

Regression Testing

Quality analysts are part of the Software QA team and they handle testing related to performance, security, and data integrity. They have to verify the effectiveness of an application in terms of its functionality and efficiency. They ensure that the applications are working as expected through their actions.

Advantages to Hiring
QA Analyst

QA analysts can help identify defects and issues in the software development process before they reach end-users. This can help improve product quality and reduce the risk of negative impact on customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

Early detection and resolution of issues can help reduce the cost of fixing defects later in the development process. This can help save time and money, as well as improve the overall efficiency of the development process. QA Analysts can help improve the efficiency of the development process by identifying opportunities for automation and streamlining testing processes. This can help reduce the time and effort required for testing and allow developers to focus on other aspects of the development process.

It can help identify and manage risks associated with software development, such as security vulnerabilities or compatibility issues. This can help reduce the risk of negative impact on customer satisfaction, brand reputation, or legal compliance.

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Our Key Skill Set

Brain Inventory is a team of QA Analysts who perform highly effective and unbiased testing for our clients. We have a great support staff, which helps us to provide services in a prompt manner, efficiently, and at highly affordable prices. Our primary goal is to improve the overall product superiority. We have a wide range of clients ranging from start-ups to much bigger organizations. We are one of the most renowned companies for the QA process and are known for delivering high-quality products on time and within the given budget.

  • Functional

  • Test planning

  • Bug tracking

  • Automation

  • Test case management

Why Hire QA Analyst from Brain Inventory

Hungry for Innovation

Our QA engineers ensure best strategies are followed so that customer can identify their needs more clearly and maintain flawless performance. These strategies were introduced by experts in the field of knowledge management, so as to keep up with your ever-changing business requirements. We offer a complete holistic solution.

Result-oriented Approach

Our experience and expertise in providing quality assurance services will ensure that your web or mobile application is delivered exactly as per your business needs. We perform a pre-validation of the requirements with you so that we can apply quality assurance practices that are aligned with your business objectives and the expected outcome.

Communication and Transparency

Our flexible, proactive approach to management and outsourcing ensures we will deliver the project on time, within the budget, and with a quality product. We ensure we keep up-to-date on any changes in the market by discussing them with you - ensuring we provide our clients with the best possible solution for their needs.

Client and Market Centered Testing

Improving your product quality and user experience is our top priority. Get our reliable maintenance and support teams to assist you during every stage of development and delivery. Our teams will help with your deployment and make sure there are no issues, In this way, you can launch your app when needed.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We have a stringent and well-planned project schedule that makes sure the materials and products get delivered to the right place at the right time. We do this so that you avoid additional expenses on project management, which means you can focus on your core competencies which are your products and services.

Why Choose Brain inventory for Your Next Assignment

A well-scrutinized and planned QA phase can help build trust in the product. You can hire a QA Analyst or a team of skillful quality assurance testers from Brain Inventory to get your website defects free in a professional manner. At Brain Inventory we use several techniques and tools for static testing. We have the right expertise to provide you with the best quality assurance services so that your work can be at all compromised. Our experts have years of experience in designing and testing applications. We do not compromise on their quality, because they are safe and secure. We make sure that every single code is 100% tested before being released final product.

We know how important it is to have a good QA analyst. You have the right to be confident that your UI testing will go well and lead to top-notch results.

Our QA analysts are well-trained, experienced, and dedicated in their work to ensure a quality product.

Their knowledge and skill set will help you in achieving success with any project.

How We Engage

Scrap the constrained project collaboration models limiting your software capabilities and choose the flexible IT engagement models to work with us until your requirements are satisfied under your budget.

Hourly Hiring


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Monthly Hiring

160 Guaranteed

Working Hours

Hire QA Analyst App Developers From Brain Inventory in 4 Easy Steps

Share Your Requirements

We’ll schedule a quick call and understand your project requirements thoroughly. Don’t worry! It’s secure and confidential.

Shortlist the Right-Fit Talent

We’ll conduct a talent screening, pick, and curate a list of right-fit dedicated talents for hire.

Interview the Talent

Schedule the interview with the talent, matching skill sets to your requirements.

Onboard & Begin the Project

Once you find your right-fit talent, we’ll help you remotely onboard, begin the project, and provide support.

Gaining Client’s Trust Since 2011 & Many More to Go

We paint the bright future for businesses working on digital landscapes and firmly believe in providing productive long-term business relationships.


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What are the top reasons you should select Brain Inventory for hiring QA analysts?

Brain Inventory is a leading testing consulting firm, providing test strategy, software assurance, and testing consulting services. They have a big pool of talent in their QA analyst department whose main focus is to provide quality solutions for their clients. The team of professionals at Brain Inventory who work on various types of projects includes team members with varied experience levels and skill sets. By availing the services of these QA Analysts you can be assured of having an amazing end result that will prove beneficial for your business, increasing its efficiency and sales conversion rate.

Can I hire QA analysts for hourly or project-based tasks?

Hiring a quality assurance analyst is a challenge in today's scenario. It is difficult to hire people who have the expertise and ability to meet your project requirements. Brain Inventory gives you multiple ways to hire QA Analysts for your project. We offer three hiring models: hourly, monthly, and yearly. The tenure depends on the size of your project, requirements, and availability of the resource.

What is the cost of hiring a QA?

The cost associated with QA does not just depend upon the complexity of the project you are about to undertake but also depends upon the type of software project. If a software application is big and complex, then it will require more testers than a small, simple app. Because testing involves multiple steps, our charges for recruitment will vary based on your requirements and requirements for testing.

Can the hired QA work in our time zone?

Brain Inventory has years of expertise in developing real-time QA testing tools. We're dedicated to providing developers with a fast and efficient testing platform across various locations and time zones.

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