Discover 20 Essential Components for a Professional Website Redesign

Discover 20 Essential Components for a Professional Website Redesign

Quick Summary: In the world where there is an ongoing race between ecommerce brands–to grab the people’s attention towards their product/services–a well-designed website acts as a key player in converting guests into customers! SO, if you think your current website is not bringing you the desired results, you may opt for a professional website redesign which performs actively in engaging visitors and increasing the conversion rates. 

  1. Your contact number should be clickable 

When opting for a modern web design, make sure that your contact details are prominently displayed on the website and your business phone number is clickable for mobile devices. This feature acts as a catalyst in retaining the visitors as everyone is looking for an interactive website, where one tap can enable the ordering process for them. Nobody has got enough time to search for the contact details, nor people nowadays have the patience to wait longer. So a clickable contact button not only caters to the demands of potential customers but also positions your brand as a reliable, and user-friendly website that values visitors time. 

  1. Making the address of your store easy to find 

The easily accessible address builds trust and credibility among your visitors. It signifies that your business not only operates in the digital world, but exists in the real world as well. And it has a face. The tangible presence of your business evokes a sense of confidence in a customer’s mind. So whether you choose to display it prominently on the landing page, or in a dedicated section, your address increases your reputation and makes you stand out amongst the competitors. And particularly for those businesses who rely mostly on the local traffic, the location details can directly help in increasing the sales and footfall. 

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  1. Use a google map to show directions 

Integrating a Google map serves as an effective tool for helping visitors know the directions to your shop. An attractive website is one which seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetics, using a color palette that creates a visual appeal to the customers and soothes their eye. Google map does just that. It compliments your website’s design while providing clear directions to your physical address. 

  1. A separate section/page for each service 

Creating a separate page for each service is an important component of modern web design that significantly impacts your Google ranking, and caters to the specific needs of your target audience. This component allows for the optimization of each page for particular keywords, making your site appear prominently in search results. Not only this, such a well-organized site helps your visitors to explore everything seamlessly and positions your brand as an authority in your field. 

  1. Outbound links 

Linking to reputable websites is a strategy often overlooked by website redesign services. For example, if you run a health and wellness blog, linking to authoritative sources such as the World Health Organization (WHO) can provide your readers with trusted, additional information. This not only enhances the credibility of your content but also creates a network that strengthens your online presence. Furthermore, outbound links to such respected sites signal to search engines that your brand is well-integrated into a broader, reliable online community.

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  1. Keyword rich title tags 

Don’t forget to include keyword rich title tags in your website, as they serve as a primary indicator to the search engines about the content available on your web pages. Title tags that are not only descriptive but contain a few relevant keywords can significantly improve your google rankings. This means more and more organic traffic incoming to your site. And more and more sales. 

  1. Meta descriptions on each page 

Meta descriptions are short write-ups, or salesy content dedicated for each page. These short pieces of text significantly impact how your brand is perceived in search results. It acts as a snapshot of the takeaways your users can expect, influencing their decision to click on your site. A well-crafted meta description effectively conveys the essence of your webpage, equipping users with relevant information. So by creatively summarizing the content and highlighting its value, you can attract more clicks and improve your site’s visibility in search engine results.

  1. Using headers text (H1, H2 and H3)

Make use of header tags- H1s, H2s, and H3s, as they play a key role in structuring your content that not only enhances user readability but also improves your search engine ranking. H1 tag is used to define the title of the page, while H2 and H3 are subsequent headings that break down the content into multiple sections. This type of well-organized content aids search engines in crawling and indexing the content more beautifully. 

  1. Using good quality images and videos 

Visual content, if used rightly, can convey complex data in an accessible and captivating manner, making it more appealing for the readers to understand. High resolution photos and videos can grab a visitor’s attention and might become a reason for them to stay longer on the website. And, people would want to learn more about your offerings while interacting with the high quality visual elements. 

  1. Alt-text descriptions for the images 

Alt text, or alternative text, is a textual description of an image, that enhances visibility for visually impaired users and thereby improving your site’s SEO. This ensures that all visitors, irrespective of their abilities, are able to fully understand your content and interact with it. Not only this, it aids search engines with the context of images used on your website, which contributes to a more accurate indexing of your site’s content. If relevant keywords are included in alt texts, it increases the visibility and attracts more traffic to your site. 

  1. Using a contact form 

Incorporating contact form in your website is a thoughtful approach to enhancing user experience by reducing unwanted emails. Contact forms makes the communication easier by guiding guests through a predefined format, making them to provide their information in order to respond relevantly. It not only makes it more accessible for them, but helps to cater to their needs in a more organized and manageable manner. 

  1. A clear CTA on every page 

Including a clear and direct CTA on every page simplifies the decision-making process for your target audience and boosts conversion rates. It guides your visitors towards a desired action, like making a purchase, or subscribing to a newsletter, or providing their email id, or making them contact you directly. A well crafted and visually appealing CTA, positioned strategically on your website, captures users’ attention and encourages them to act and move forward in the marketing funnel. 

  1. Readable fonts 

In this digital world, where the content is KING, its readability plays a crucial role in retaining the visitors. If the fonts are too small to read, it will leave the user frustrated, causing them to leave your site. So choose the font style and its size wisely, as it is not merely associated with aesthetics, but also a key component of your site’s accessibility. 

  1. 500-600 words minimum on each page

Ensuring that each web page contains a minimum of 500-600 words is a strategic move that allows benefits for both search engine optimization (SEO) and user experience. It gives you a scope to provide comprehensive and detailed information that answers the queries of your audience. You also have the opportunity to embed relevant keywords for SEs to crawl through your content effectively while pushing more audience towards your site.  

  1. Posting business hours 

Mentioning business hours clearly on your website serves as an essential component that caters to the needs of your target audience. If they are planning to visit your location, they can have this information handy and can plan their visit according to your business hours. This way, your guests will not have to perform unnecessary searches or make extra efforts to know your timings. Thoughtful placement that blends with the design of your website helps a lot in keeping your audience informed, also make sure to regularly update the business hours, particularly during holidays so that your customers don’t face any inconveniences. 

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  1. Perfect your website footer 

If there is a perfect place to display your business name, business hours, address, contact details and other CTAs– it is the footer of your website. You can also put social media links, and links to blogs, newsletter, etc in the footer section. So make sure to put this component clutter-free, easier to read and aesthetically pleasing as all of the important actions will be taken here only. 

  1. Using schema markup 

Utilizing schema markup for your business address is an effective professional website redesign strategy that aligns with SEO and Google Analytics. It can set your website apart from others, by demonstrating an understanding of SEs indexing and rankings. For local businesses, including schema markups can be a game changer, making your brand show up in local searches and enhancing your presence on google maps. 

  1. Link your logo to the homepage 

Linking your logo to the homepage has become a popular choice for its brand recognition and accessibility features. When people are exploring your website, browsing through different pages and sections, they can go to the homepage simply by clicking on the logo. It offers a convenient way to go back, without the need to search for a separate home button. This makes your website user-friendly while streamlining the navigation process and reinforcing your brand identity with each click. 

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  1. Localize your content 

Localize your content by including your city name and state in titles, headers and body copy, so that your business visibility is increased in search engine results. This practice customizes your web content to meet the needs of a geographically specific audience, making it more relevant to those searching for local businesses. By including local keywords in the content of your web pages, you are signaling search engines that your business is what users in your area are looking for. 

  1. Link your internal pages 

Interconnected pages of a website helps in SEO optimization and enhanced user navigation. You can improve user experience by thoughtfully connecting pages with each other, like a blog post can be linked to a related service page, which creates a scope for your audience to explore deeper and take action. This strategic linking also improves the overall value of each page, and ranking throughout the website. By analyzing user flow and click through rates for each page, you can get an idea of how users navigate your site, and interact with the content. 


While it might seem easy to redesign a website on your own, using these points, the intricacies involved in creating an interactive and effective design that meets every criteria can be frustrating. Professionals in a website redesign company have the expertise and experience with various brands, and they make sure that every aspect of your website is optimized for smooth user experience and SEO rankings. By handing over your website to website redesign services, you ensure that your site not only meets the best practices, but also setting your business for huge success!

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