7 Steps to Hiring the Perfect MEAN Stack Developers

7 Steps to Hiring the Perfect MEAN Stack Developers

Quick Summary:  In recent years, there has been a development boom in terms of web applications. The technologies used for creating these apps include MongoDB, Express.js, Angular or Ionic, and Node.js. They collectively form an acronym (or a syllabus) coined after the first letter of each technology- making up the MEAN stack. This stack is in high demand because it has become one of the most popular and frequently used web development technologies in today’s market for web development.

MEAN Stack Development

All About MEAN Stack Developers

MEAN stack developers are professionals who specialize in building web applications using a combination of four key technologies: MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js. Each of these technologies represents a different MEAN stack component, enabling developers to create robust, scalable, and dynamic web applications.

Here’s a brief overview of each technology in the MEAN stack:

MongoDB: MongoDB is a popular NoSQL database that uses a flexible, JSON-like format to store data. It is known for its scalability and ability to handle large amounts of data. MEAN stack developers leverage MongoDB to store and retrieve data for web applications.

Express.js: Express.js is a web application framework for Node.js that simplifies the process of building web applications and APIs. It provides a set of tools and features for handling HTTP requests, routing, and middleware integration. MEAN stack developers use Express.js to create the server-side logic of their applications.

AngularJS: AngularJS (or simply Angular) is a JavaScript framework maintained by Google. It allows developers to build dynamic and responsive front-end interfaces. With Angular, developers can create reusable components, handle data binding, and implement client-side logic in their web applications.

Node.js: Node.js is a server-side JavaScript runtime environment. It enables developers to run JavaScript code on the server, allowing for efficient and event-driven web application development. Node.js is the foundation of the MEAN stack, as it provides the platform for running the server-side logic and integrating it with other components.

Hiring MEAN stack developers requires assessing their proficiency in the relevant technologies, evaluating their experience with similar projects, and gauging their problem-solving and collaboration skills. Conducting technical interviews, reviewing their portfolios and past projects, and checking references are common steps in the hiring process for MEAN stack developers.

MEAN Stack Developer

7 Easy Steps To Hire A MEAN Stack Developer

Make A List Of Your Requirements: Before you hire MEAN stack developers, you need to determine your requirements first in order to narrow down your search for a prototype backbone developer. The key difference between a product-to-market fit and a prototype development lies in the ability to meet MVP performance requirements. If you value fast market penetration over initial product performance and scalability, go for a prototype backbone developer. If not, hiring yourself a full-stack or full-cycle developer would be better.

Choose A Hiring Model Of Your Choice: 

There are many technical aspects to consider when planning the future of your business. Having a clear plan of action can help increase productivity, decrease costs, and even improve the quality of your website or app. 

In-House: In-house software development is a form of software development that assumes that the company itself or its departments take part in the software development process. It involves creating a software development team within the company’s structures without seeking outside assistance. This team takes on the tasks usually performed by external agencies.

Outsourcing: Outsourcing development services is considered by many to be the best option for obtaining high-quality software at a relatively low cost. Regardless of your technological needs (web, desktop, or mobile applications), external developers offer you several quite outstanding benefits that are hard to get with in-house developers.

Freelance: Freelance software developers can be advantageous if you want to hire someone on a temporary basis to complete a project. They may also be good if you want to save upfront costs and pay some of your labor costs after the work is completed. Although, working with them can have its drawbacks as well. For example, freelancers aren’t as committed to a long-term partnership as employees who work in-house or are outsourced.

Choose An Outsourcing Firm: Outsourcing is a strategy that many companies with limited budgets use to take advantage of lower labor costs. In short, outsourcing is a way to hire experienced professionals from other countries to do the work that you need to be done while creating a win-win situation for both parties. With Brain Inventory as your outsourcing partner, you can be assured that your project will be delivered on time and with high-quality products.

Must-Have Skills Of The MEAN Stack Developer: Choosing the right outsourcing firm to help your project can make all the difference. You need a web development firm that can provide you with top-notch service and expertise in technologies such as the MEAN stack – a collection of JavaScript tools for rapid website development. There are many factors that need to be considered before we decide on finding the best MEAN stack developers.

Understanding Of Technological Advancements: MEAN stack developers must be well-versed in a variety of trends in the tech industry. In an ever-changing technological landscape, MEAN stack developers are responsible for staying on top of the latest trends and updates to their work. These professionals also must keep up with the growing demand for emerging technologies as consumers become more and more accustomed to changes within their everyday life.

Evaluate Their Soft Skills: Being a MEAN stack developer on the team is not an easy job. You will have to work well with the other developers on the team. On top of that, you will have to work well with the product and project managers. Since you will be expected to be knowledgeable in various aspects of web development, it helps if you can communicate effectively with a wide audience. Eventually, you will have to explain what you are doing and its implications to stakeholders.

Finalize And Recruit: It’s finally time to hire MEAN stack developers who are highly experienced and knowledgeable about all technical aspects of the development process to propel your organization forward.


Hiring dedicated MEAN stack developers to work with their business requirements and fit their culture is a challenging and time-consuming process for companies. Many factors need to be considered when looking for the right development-relationship partner, like their location, previous work or client reviews, coding skillset, and project history. 

BrainInventory is a software development outsourcing company. We design, develop and maintain high-quality IT services, providing our customers with the best value solutions. No matter what technology you use, we always deliver one objective — to increase your business’s output and achieve your goals. For mean stack development services, contact us today!

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