Advantages of Choosing Flutter for Mobile App Development

Advantages of Choosing Flutter for Mobile App Development

Quick Summary:  Flutter is Google’s mobile app SDK for crafting high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android in record time. Flutter works with existing code, is used by developers and organizations around the world, and is free and open source.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a framework that allows developers to create mobile applications for both Android and iOS without doing any double work. It does so by having a single codebase, meaning that the application is written once and works on both platforms. Flutter is Google’s solution to make cross-platform development easier. Its development started back in 2016 when Google announced Flutter Beta at its annual I/O conference. By the end of the conference, there were 200,000 installations of Flutter from around the world.

Flutter is a new mobile UI framework, currently in beta, developed by Google. It has a rich set of Material Design and Cupertino widgets and a flexible architecture for building fast, native-quality experiences on Android, iOS, and the web. Flutter works with existing code, is used by developers and organizations around the world, and is free and open source.

What is Flutter used for?

Flutter provides access to all native features of mobile devices. Like the Android SDK, Google APIs, and other services that are also not available for iOS, you now have a uniform platform that saves you from developing twice. Flutter is an ambitious project from Google, where every standard function is written in Dart and compiled into JavaScript in runtime. During the conference, the team behind it explained in detail how Flutter works and demonstrated the most important features to develop native apps for both Android and iOS with a single codebase (and not via a browser).

Leveraging a single codebase written in Dart. It uses Google’s new hot-reload feature to instantly show changes so there is no need to restart the app every time the code is updated. These features allow you to have a faster development cycle making it easier to build and iterate on application prototypes.

Flutter Benefits For Developers In 2023

Cross-platform environment: Flutter is an open-source development tool that allows the developer to create cross-platform mobile applications. How does it work? The Flutter framework renders all components of the interface. It means that the developer does not need to create separate application versions for Android, iOS, and the Web anymore.

Easier and faster development: Flutter is an open-source mobile app development framework of Google that was released on February 28, 2018. Flutter SDK is used for developing native applications through the programming language of Dart. Using Flutter facilitates the development of applications for the Android and iOS platform with only one codebase, and it means there is a shorter timeline for the development process and lower costs on operating resources.

Lego-like simplicity: Using Flutter for mobile development is simply because you create an app by putting together Lego-like building blocks. You can build a native application from scratch or improve your existing app, using Flutter’s GSS and widgets.

No need to rewrite the code across the platforms: Developer teams that use Flutter for mobile app development have a number of remarkable advantages. First and foremost, they can deploy the same code to different platforms such as Android and iOS with no hassle. This is because the mobile app development software allows the development of such apps using only one programming language – Dart. Therefore, people that use this tool will not be required to learn new languages or face issues that bother them while coding for multiple platforms.

Apps built with Flutter Technology: Brazilian Nubank, the first Brazilian company to get investment from the world’s top investors in Silicon Valley, is now using Flutter to build its native apps for Google Pixel 2 and Pro. Moreover, they’re planning to use Flutter for the app of a new branch of the bank.

Value for business: Flutter is a cross-platform development tool, which means that, instead of having to develop applications for each mobile platform separately, you will develop an application for Flutter once and then publish it to all platforms. This process saves developers time and significantly increases ROI for their work. Fluttering allows you to save up to 50% of the time spent on developing user interfaces (UI), corresponding with the rapid expansion of its popularity.

Flutter | Mobile App Development

Pros of Flutter Mobile App Development For Business in 2022

Hot reloading: The hot reloading feature of Flutter is one of the major benefits of using Flutter for streamlined cross-platform mobile app development. This is an integral part of the Flutter development kit and it allows rapid changes to any part of the app without having to build a new version. Changes on Android and iOS are reflected instantly. Such an approach saves time that developers otherwise spent in loading and compiling new versions, making bug fixing easier.

Embedded application builder: Flutter App Development is a very flexible solution for app developers. It comes with some pre-built UI widgets which are customizable enough to become pretty much any widget the developer wants to create. This means Flutter has a bigger potential to be used in creating and presenting creative solutions. Also, an application builder is a suitable choice for applications that haven’t been created before. It makes it possible to realize ideas that don’t follow industry patterns.

Codebase sharing: With the Flutter build tool, there is no need to create a separate application for iOS or Android. This is the feature that makes Flutter a great choice for MVP creation. With its help, the developers can deliver the app with a close-to-native look, test it with the target audience, and then decide on the necessity to build a native app.


Flutter is an exciting, young mobile development technology that promises great potential. It enjoys active support from Google and has attracted serious investment from big players like Alibaba. Flutter promises to make the creation of cross-platform apps significantly faster than what it is today. Brain Inventory is a flutter app development company working for clients from different countries, such as the USA, UK, Canada, and Jordan. We always adhere to modern trends. The Flutter framework was recognized as the fastest-growing framework in 2018. From our perspective, Flutter is a safe technology to use for your mobile app development needs. We are a group of people who are developers, designers, and business experts. We are ready to accomplish your goal using Flutter. Our team is open to brand-new companies and start-ups that are looking for an opportunity to start developing a cross-platform application. To explore more about our expertise, surf our site or visit our portfolio:

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