Comprehensive Roadmap for Recruiting Skilled Angular Developers

Comprehensive Roadmap for Recruiting Skilled Angular Developers

Quick Summary:  Any decision-maker looking to hire Angular js developer for their project must see how skilled that developer is in working with diverse technologies and tools along with Angular. That’s because there are a lot of tools that need to be mastered by the developer in order to become a perfect fit for your organization.

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Responsibilities of Angular developers

Indeed, here are the critical responsibilities of Angular developers outlined in bullet points:

Front-End Development: Develop user-facing features using Angular frameworks and related technologies.

Code Implementation: Write clean, maintainable, and efficient code while following best practices and coding standards.

UI/UX Integration: Collaborate with UI/UX designers to implement responsive and visually appealing user interfaces.

Component Development: Create reusable and modular components that can be integrated across different parts of the application.

State Management: Implement effective state management using tools like NgRx or services to ensure efficient data flow and application behavior.

RESTful API Integration: Communicate with backend services and APIs to fetch and update data as required by the application.

Testing and Debugging: Write unit tests and perform debugging to identify and resolve issues, ensuring high-quality code and application performance.

Performance Optimization: Optimize application performance by identifying bottlenecks, reducing load times, and improving overall responsiveness.

Version Control: Utilize version control systems (e.g., Git) to manage codebase changes and collaborate effectively with other developers.

Cross-Browser Compatibility: Ensure the application works consistently across different browsers and devices.

Code Reviews: Participate in code reviews to provide constructive feedback and maintain code quality within the development team.

Documentation: Create and maintain technical documentation, including API documentation and code comments for better code understanding and onboarding of new developers.

Security Measures: Implement security best practices to safeguard sensitive data and protect the application from potential vulnerabilities.

Agile Workflow: Work within an agile development environment, participating in sprint planning, stand-ups, and other relevant meetings.

Continuous Learning: Stay up-to-date with the latest Angular developments, trends, and best practices to continuously enhance skills and contribute effectively.

Collaboration: Collaborate with backend developers, designers, and other team members to deliver seamless end-to-end solutions.

Troubleshooting: Identify and resolve technical issues, system errors, and bugs as they arise during development or post-release.

Deployment and Hosting: Assist in deploying applications to production environments and cloud platforms, ensuring proper configuration and smooth deployment processes.

User Feedback: Gather feedback from users and stakeholders to make necessary improvements and iterate on the application’s features.

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8 Skills to Look For While Hiring Angular Developers

Are they proficient in JavaScript?

As of late, the popularity of Angular has been on the rise. Angular is an open-source JavaScript framework for developing web apps and sites. It is developed by Google and other developers as well as specialized in complex web applications. Nowadays, these web jobs demand a person who can work using TypeScript technology. In simple words, a candidate should know how to work with code created globally by leading technology providers like Microsoft and Google.

Are they skilled in adjacent technologies?

Hiring Angular developers for your project can be a very important decision for your business. To get the right person, you need to search for developers who have knowledge about various technologies that can help you in building the framework. The best way is to locate candidates who are already working on projects like yours and have developed experience using Angular in combination with other cutting-edge technologies.

Do they have a basic understanding of testing frameworks?

As apps become more complex, the demand for automation in testing has increased. And, with unit testing to end-to-end testing becoming a necessity to produce apps quickly, there are plenty of tool choices for Angular developers. Whether you prefer to use Karma, Jasmine, Jest, or Mocha for testing, it is important to know the advantages and limitations of each tool so you can find what works best for your team.

Are they well-conversant with JavaScript build tools? 

Build tools are used to automate repetitive tasks and optimize the development process in various languages such as JavaScript. For instance, they can be used to compile, optimize, convert resources, and perform other compilation-type tasks. Angular is a JavaScript framework that has won acclaim for its speed and scalability. It has also earned its popularity because it helps boost productivity. However, the framework can’t do this with traditional build tools like Makefile or batch files which are not capable of handling the complexity of an Angular application.

Are they experienced in working with Version Control Systems? 

Imagine you’re recruiting an AngularJS development team – in this case, it’s essential that they’re familiar with a version-controlling system. It makes process management and code management easier and allows you to keep track of the changes made over time. Perhaps even more importantly, new team members have the ability to review old code and avoid errors in the future.

Do they adhere to Material Design guidelines?

Since 2014, Google has been launching design guidelines with every update of their popular platform. Initially called Material Design, these standards have become one of the best practices to follow during app development for any platform. Today we’ll be looking at some examples of how well these standards have been followed by top Angular developers on the market.

Do they have a flexible learning curve?

Angular is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. Once you master it, you get to choose what technologies you want to use for creating a new application – there are many and they are constantly updated. An experienced Angular developer has a powerful tool for shaping the future of an application and has access to all new features that come out.


The Angular framework (based on the MVC pattern) allows you to create a complex app with less code and easy maintainability. At the same time, you can either choose from a ready-made template or create your own components in order to build an app. AngularJS is currently being used by a majority of OOP languages and frameworks which will directly influence the growth of Angular developers.

BrainInventory provides remote Angular front-end development solutions through the best Angular developers in the industry. We offer a number of flexible contract options and a personalized approach to ensure you — our client — are getting the solution that meets your current development needs and future growth needs. Team up with us for Angular development services today.

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