Explore the Advantages of Hiring Dedicated Android App Developer

Explore the Advantages of Hiring Dedicated Android App Developer

Quick Summary: Whether it is a gaming app, a shopping app, utility app, or an education app— the number of Android apps on Play Store is growing every day. The statistics justify the statement—almost 3 million Android apps are available on the Google Play Store today!

To succeed in the long run, entrepreneurs and businesses should develop creative Android apps that can withstand the competition in their target market. Looking at the huge success of Android apps, the demand for dedicated Android app developer has surged

So Whether you run a startup or are the owner of an established business seeking to start your digital presence, hiring a dedicated Android app development company can be a game-changer. 

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Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Android App Developer

  1. Specialized expertise- Dedicated Android developers have the specialized knowledge and skills required to develop the app. Not only experience, but they are well-versed with the intricacies of the Android OS, including its architecture, development tools, and frameworks. Their expertise ensures that your app is in the right hands, leveraging the most advanced technologies and practices. 
  2. Customized solutions- A dedicated Android app developer works exclusively on your project, giving his 100% of time and efforts to provide customized solutions that align with your app goals. They understand your project’s requirements to deliver the best of their work. As they are dedicated solely to your project, there is a scope for ongoing feedback and improvements also.
  3. Cost-effectiveness- Hiring a dedicated Android app developer is a cost-effective choice than hiring an agency. A skilled developer is equivalent to a team, and you have more control over your budget and can allocate resources more effectively. 
  4. Early project completion- If your project has a certain timeline, let’s say you want to make it live within three months, then hiring a dedicated expert will save you time. As you bear the android developer cost, and recruit a team of experts for your project, you would definitely want no miscommunications and delays while completing the project. 
  5. Security- While developing an app, security is crucial, particularly when handling sensitive user data. Giving your project’s sensitive information in the hands of a dedicated person, rather than a team, is more beneficial. Throughout the development process, a committed Android developer puts security first, putting solid safeguards at the forefront to protect against any breaches and threats. 
  6. No requirement of infrastructure- Not every business, especially startups, owns a dedicated IT department or technical support team. But in today’s tech-friendly era, you need a digital presence to grow. When you hire a dedicated Android developer from a mobile app development company, you can take advantage of their expertise with technologies and access to IT infrastructure. 
  7. Transparency-  A dedicated Android app developing team creates a communication channel through which they regularly share updates with you. This helps in tracking the progress of the project so that it gets completed within the timeline.. 

Tips to hire the best Android app developers 

  1. Ask for their previous work.
  2. Assess their knowledge of Android and related skills. 
  3. If you are considering hiring an Android app development company, look for the reviews. 
  4. Discuss the cost of the project. 
  5. Understand the work ethics of the developer or the company.
  6. Discuss the timeline for completing the project. 
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How to Hire Dedicated Android App Developers? 

  1. Find professionals– If your goal is to develop a unique and user-friendly app, it requires careful execution. Inexperienced developers may lack the skills to meet your project requirements. Therefore, any business must opt for a professional team of Android app developers or a dedicated but experienced Android professional known for reliability and trustworthiness. 
  2. Know in detail about team members- Explore more about the team members of an Android app development company. Sometimes, they may be hiring freelancers to do the task and lie that their team members are in-house. While hiring the company, talk to the team members about their roles and responsibilities, skills, experience and portfolio required to start the project. 
  3. Understanding of open-source platforms- Since Android is an open-source platform, developers should have a deep understanding of modern open-source libraries to create apps customized to user requirements. 
  4. Consult a reputed organization- Hiring a freelance Android developer is a low-budget option, but it is riskier to get your app developed by them. If still, you may want to hire a freelancer, check for their portfolio, previous experience with Android and its features, client reviews and coding skills. Choosing freelancers without investigating them may result in negative outcomes. You can go for the safest option to develop an app by searching for a reputed and certified Android app development company


Putting together a right team of dedicated experts is critical for Android app development. Don’t think of it as an expense, it is an investment. Companies who hire a dedicated Android app developer have shown significant improvements in both customer satisfaction and app functionality. Most of the users uninstall the app if they face any troubles or performance glitches. So by bringing a dedicated developer on board, you ensure that your mobile app is built to the highest standards, delivering a satisfactory user experience and driving growth for the company.

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