Effective Strategies for Leading a Dedicated Android App Development Team

Effective Strategies for Leading a Dedicated Android App Development Team

Quick Summary:  There’s a lot that can be said about managing software development teams. However, this is an attempt to provide you with information and advice on how to manage Android developers as they are an exceptional bunch as compared to the other kinds of developers. Through this article, you’ll learn a lot about hiring Android developers and managing them by making you understand their skills and expertise which can help build your app as well as thank them for their contribution by rewarding them.

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Mastering App Development Team Management: Expert Tips and Tricks

Put forward clear expectations: 

Your expectations are important for developing a great Android app development. In fact, it is sometimes more important to know what your expectations from your developers are, rather than the other way around. Many business owners (especially managers or companies dealing in business-to-business apps) fail to understand this concept completely while dealing with Android app development projects. If you are one of them, then this article will surely be helpful for you.

Adopt openness & honesty: 

One of the keys to a successful organization is fostering adaptive communication and openness in the workplace. In today’s age, trying to achieve anything without an open conversation is just impossible; hence, our product management team believes that any company worth its salt must have a culture where people feel comfortable making critiques and raising concerns without feeling unsafe or uncomfortable. The key to experiencing open communication is building a safe environment where people are able to offer their genuine feedback.

Schedule meetings: 

One of the great features of remote development teams is that you can schedule a meeting with them as frequently as you want. This is helpful for me because I try to meet with my developers each week. In fact, I recommend scheduling a general team meeting at least once a month while also scheduling smaller meetings with individual team members as needed.

Communicate right: 

In the world of freelancer app development, effective communication is a must. There is no manager to look over your shoulder or “just drop by” to check how you’re doing. Rather, everything from communication to project management is handled remotely. Part of this process is choosing the right communication and project management tools for your team.

Foster feedback culture: 

Feedback is a powerful tool that can help you grow and achieve your desired goals. It helps to make you feel cared for and can improve your performance when used thoroughly. When you give feedback to another person, it gives them a sense of acceptance and belongingness in the organization. At the same time, you are also looking your potential and their shortcomings.

Enable a disciplined reporting structure: 

As the leader of any Android development team, one of your biggest priorities is to manage each team member’s working schedule. You can’t just lean on your employees to keep them on task and diligently working. You have to ask for reports on how someone spent their time, especially when it’s a programmer or mobile app developer. Basically, you want to make sure they’re working hard on tasks assigned to them and not wasting time doing other things.

Appreciate them

One of the best ways to encourage your employees to be productive is by showing them that you appreciate their work. This may sound silly when it comes to Android app development, but most companies don’t show their appreciation even if they have achieved really good results in the app development process. Appreciation and recognition are great ways to motivate a team and get more out of them.


Having a project management service is important because it allows us to work efficiently and with focus while maintaining a smooth workflow. Each member of our team is experienced and talented having the potential to bring up revolutionary ideas to make an application so that you get your vision come alive on the unique Android platform. Some of these ideas would be impossible without having top-notch project managers working with a team of developers.

Brain Inventory is a leading Artificial Intelligence Development Company, which offers proficient services for high-quality custom Android and iOS app development. Our dedicated Android app developers, designers, analysts, and QA specialists develop customized software solutions according to client needs. Whether you wish to develop an app for your business or enhance the functionality of an existing one, we offer cost-effective solutions.

As our team continues to grow, we are focused on ensuring you get the best experience of your career, so we continually invest in new technologies and incorporate a culture of learning by helping developers gain new experiences. From workshops to start-up events, our remote teams receive guidance alongside many other perks for working with us.

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