Efficient Recruitment Guide: 3 Steps to Hiring Android Developers in 2023

Efficient Recruitment Guide: 3 Steps to Hiring Android Developers in 2023

Quick Summary:  Android is undoubtedly the most popular OS in the world. Android OS is the most popular mobile operating system that runs on various smart devices. Android offers an ecosystem for developers to create and monetize their applications easily. According to a recent market study, Android will cover 87.4% of the overall market share by 2023. With so many users, it’s crucial for businesses to develop Android apps to tap into the massive Android user base.

Who is an Android Developer?

The popularity of Android apps has made Android app development in demand among professional app developers. There are many freelance sites available on the internet that helps us to hire an Android Developer. The main objective of an Android developer is to create games and apps that perform better, use fewer resources, and can be compatible with a wide range of Android-powered devices. The primary task of Android developers is to deploy robust application programming interfaces (APIs) to increase user engagement and retention, thereby boosting your ROI.

The sheer number of Android apps available on the Play Store (and similar app markets around), is enough to make any business owner wonder how they can even compete. And that’s precisely why most new startups hire skilled Android developers in the first place – to help them create a potent app that could help their business scale up and get the audience’s attention amidst fierce competition.

Android App Development

Must-have Skills for Android App Developers 

Android app developers need a diverse skill set to create successful and user-friendly applications. Here are some must-have skills for Android app developers:

Programming Languages:

Java and Kotlin: These are the primary programming languages for Android app development. Developers should have a strong command of at least one of them, with Kotlin becoming increasingly popular due to its modern features and concise syntax.

Android SDK (Software Development Kit):

Developers must be well-versed in the Android SDK, which provides a comprehensive set of tools, libraries, and APIs to build Android apps. This includes knowledge of activities, fragments, layouts, and views.

User Interface (UI) Design:

Proficiency in designing user-friendly and visually appealing interfaces using XML layouts and UI design principles is crucial. Knowledge of Material Design guidelines is also beneficial.

API Integration:

Developers should be able to integrate third-party APIs and services seamlessly into their apps. This could involve integrating social media log in, payment gateways, or location-based services.

Database Management:

Understanding database management systems like SQLite or Firebase Realtime Database is essential for storing and retrieving data efficiently.

Version Control/Git:

Proficiency in using version control systems like Git for tracking changes, collaborating with teams, and managing code repositories is vital.

Testing and Debugging:

Android developers should be skilled in testing their apps thoroughly, including unit testing, UI testing, and debugging to identify and resolve issues.

Performance Optimization:

The ability to optimize app performance by reducing memory usage, minimizing battery consumption, and improving responsiveness is crucial.

Security Practices:

Knowledge of security best practices to protect user data and the app from vulnerabilities, such as secure storage, encryption, and network security, is essential.

Publishing on Google Play:

Familiarity with the Google Play Store guidelines and the app submission process is necessary to get apps published successfully.

Cross-Platform Development: (Optional)

Knowledge of cross-platform development frameworks like Flutter or React Native can be beneficial for developers looking to build apps for both Android and iOS simultaneously.

Continuous Learning:

Android app development is a rapidly evolving field. Developers should have a mindset for continuous learning to stay updated with the latest Android trends, tools, and best practices.

Soft Skills:

Effective communication, problem-solving skills, and the ability to work collaboratively in a team are valuable soft skills that can contribute to the success of an Android developer.

 dedicated Android developer

Simple Steps to Hire an Android Developer

 Select a good staffing agency

As a developer, you’re perfectly aware of the importance of associating with an expert staffing company, i.e., one that has a qualified team of professionals who can pick up and assess your project from various technical angles. That’s what Brain Inventory offers. For instance, when you choose Brain Inventory for outsourcing app development services, you don’t need to worry about selecting the right framework for mobile app development or picking the best programming language for your Android project or iOS Application development.

Screen talent

After much hard work, we’ve built a successful process of connecting clients with quality pre-screened developers on a variety of IT projects. It involves the use of a wide range of software applications to test potential candidates. Our proprietary screening process ensures that only the most competent developers are assigned to each project.

Complete the paperwork

Before hiring an app developer, a significant amount of paperwork must be completed. As an app owner, you should go through all the legal agreements you can before hiring a programmer. This part is extremely important because it only leads to better results in the coming months. The onboarding process begins only after all formalities and the signing of papers are complete. A developer must know your policies and expectations as well. It may sound like some excessive work but it lets you maintain healthy relations with your entire team of developers.


In order to build an impressive app, you need to hire a dedicated Android developer. The reason behind this is that you don’t want your app rushed, and an in-house developer will likely not have the time or knowledge to finish it professionally. Having an experienced Android developer on call ensures that your vision and expectations will become true. This guide is not intended for total beginners, however. You should know how to code Android apps and understand the basics of developing for Android before you begin. This applies unless you are working with a seasoned team who specializes in Android development.
Brain Inventory is an organization that believes in helping good talent get recognized, increase their market value and establish themselves in their dream jobs. We are a platform that researches the best opportunities according to the career aspirations and needs of software developers who wish to enter the next level of their careers. BrainInventory provides profound technology Support to every software Development Company seeking independent and passionate developers. Our aim is to partner with each client in order to provide the best resources and skills for all business objectives. Our software development team constantly learns new methods as well as designing new ways to fulfill your requirements.

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