Enhance Your Programming Productivity: Guide to 10 Exceptional AI Code Tools

Enhance Your Programming Productivity: Guide to 10 Exceptional AI Code Tools

Quick Summary: Artificial intelligence has opened new ways to solve old problems by using unique solutions that are generated by machines instead of humans in an ever-growing area of code creation known as machine learning. In this emerging field, developers are integrating AI tools into their existing workflow and product setups, which allow them to produce better results — with a lot less time and effort than before. From personal assistants to computer vision, developers can now take advantage of various AI machine-learning tools to get more done in a shorter amount of time. The most intriguing part about these tools is the ability to use them without knowing how the code works under the hood. With artificial intelligence, it has become possible for software developer toolkits to empower developers at all levels. All you need is an idea and a plan for what you want your product to do, and these products can handle the rest.

What is an AI Code Generator?

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way developers program. The emergence of AI code generators allows coders to save time and energy while helping them build more effective websites and applications. With these code-writing tools, developers can simply type what they wish to generate, and the AI will automatically give them suggestions for program code or documentation. For example, an integrated developer environment like Microsoft’s Visual Studio includes it as a search option for jumping to functions that match certain parameters the user provides. Another benefit of AI code generators is that they can translate between programming languages, helping developers transfer information from one website or app to another. The ultimate goal of artificial intelligence in the programming world is to allow developers to write flawless programs faster than if they had done it by hand.

AI Code Tools

Top 10 AI Code Tools for Programmers

OpenAI Codex: As a well-known coding tool, OpenAI Codex is able to write programs in over 12 languages, including Go, TypeScript, Perl, PHP, BASH, Ruby, JavaScript, and Swift. The algorithm has been developed on trillions of lines of openly accessible code from sites such as GitHub repositories.

Tabnine: Tabnine is an online code generator that will help you in your development workflow. The main difference between Tabnine and other code generators is the accuracy of generated code, which is a result of using advanced artificial intelligence technology. Tabnine uses deep learning techniques to learn from users’ habits and make customized suggestions that are highly accurate. This saves developers time and reduces the risk of creating errors. Every line of code automatically gets indexed, which makes it very simple to use in large applications with lots of files.

CodeT5: CodeT5, is an automated coding platform, which uses machine learning (ML) technologies to convert human-readable plain text into equivalent computer code. CodeT5 is used by developers to automate the code generation process, summarize, and convert between several programming languages. The technology has been trained using millions of lines of code with a machine learning approach and natural language processing (NLP). This service is more reliable than existing optical character recognition (OCR) tools for converting image-based text to text format.

Polycoder: Polycoder is the most advanced code generator that has been made available for public access by a team of data scientists. This code generator framework uses complex scientific algorithms to ensure the user of all the latest and updated solutions in one place. Polycoder is currently accessible on GitHub where new datasets and models are continuously updated. These datasets now exceed 200GB, and this software uses cutting-edge hardware to achieve results.

GitHub Copilot: GitHub, the cloud-based code hosting service, has recently launched Copilot. It is a new program to be used to assist developers in making their software codes more complete. In contrast to other AI coders, Copilot does not just help create one portion of a program but helps in the entire procedure of writing a program.

GhostWriter Replit: Replit GhostWriter is an AI code generator that simplifies the coding process and vastly improves code quality. It can produce all common programming languages, including C / C++, Swift, HTML, JavaScript, CSS & XML by converting source code from scratch or from a template. It then checks the syntax validity of the produced code for you. Skilled coders can use the Code Browser to search libraries of snippets and quickly insert them in their source documents.

Seek: Seek is an artificial intelligence-powered code generator that makes it easier to create and edit SQL database queries, class definitions, and SQL code. Rather than manually crafting code with syntax errors, you will be able to generate full working code from snippets. Additionally, it also includes optimization tools for the database queries you create, enabling you to choose which parameters need to be modified according to the structure of your data.

AI2SQL: In creating the AI2SQL code generator, we took a two-pronged approach by focusing on natural language understanding and SQL generation. The first step is recognizing the user’s intent in a given human language phrasing. At the same time, this code generator can process instructions to generate SQL statements based on this data. Although Excel can be utilized for generating SQL statements, AI2SQL makes it possible for anyone using a number of different languages to develop scripts that can generate SQL statements.

Cody by Sourcegraph: Cody understands programming, and it can help you, too. Cody is a new platform that uses deep learning to help people in the process of building their programs or apps. Cody has come up with pre-canned programming tips that save coders’ time by immediately detecting bugs and errors in code. Cody can discover and understand code that has been written before by checking to see if there are algorithms or coding patterns that have already been created. If these patterns exist then they are recycled faster. Cody checks every line of code as a potential pattern for algorithm reuse. Cody autonomously creates additional documentation along the way, which includes both concise comments as well as links to relevant information on Sourcegraph.

MutableAI: Mutable offers a new AI-powered solution – one that provides users with auto-complete features for several programming languages including Java, Python, Typescript, Rust, and Solidity. The goal is to produce usable front-end code based on unfinished design files (images, screenshots, wireframes). This means you can get a head start on your coding with the initial auto-generated code Mutable produces.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) code generators are revolutionizing the way we create and maintain programs. The AI revolution has reached programming as machine learning software can now produce high-quality code to automate tedious and repetitive programming tasks. The AI revolution is in full swing, with enterprises, large corporations, startups, and developers alike scrambling to integrate AI into their operations. Professional programmers could soon witness the end of their careers as AI will render many traditional programming roles redundant. However, some developers could benefit from the rise of AI code generators that help replicate the expertise required to build advanced applications. And it’s not only seasoned devs who can benefit from AI code generators – even amateurs could use these tools to speed up their coding workflow dramatically. When you are looking to produce a conversational chatbot or create any sort of AI app, it can be hard to get started. This is where braininventory.in can help. Brain Inventory is an online marketplace that connects professionals with clients for software development services. With thousands of freelancers available on the site, clients can use the site to search for someone with specific experience in an area and then receive quotes and find freelancers through one central hub.

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