Essential AngularJS Development Tools: A Top 15 List

Essential AngularJS Development Tools: A Top 15 List

Quick Summary:  In this article, we are going to share a list of tools used by professional AngularJS developers. All these tools will help you stay productive and boost your ability as a web developer.


AngularJS is a platform for building the client side of web applications. It is an open-source JavaScript framework. Basically, it’s a structural framework for designing dynamic web applications, developed by Google engineers. It has gained popularity and got high feedback from developers because of its rich Google support and the way it leverages HTML. The AngularJS Development Tools can be used to create better websites by creating the directives with ease. We have compiled a list of the 15 best AngularJS Development Tools that will make you more efficient while working with the AngularJS Framework.

AngularJS Development Tools

Top 10  AngularJS Tools for Developers

Numerous AngularJS development tools exist to help shape, structure and create your single-page applications. In this post, we take a look at some of the best AngularJS development tools available. We cover everything from development tools for improved code design and functionality to testing frameworks.


Karma has been developed by the AngularJS team to make it easier for developers to test the applications and ensure their greater quality and stability. It is intended to be used as a testing harness for AngularJS applications. When it comes to testing, Karma goes all out to minimize friction between developers and test runners, allowing them to work in an environment very similar to that of a browser.


Jasmine is a critical tool utilized to test the functionality of AngularJS applications. First launched in 2009 by Pivotal Labs, Jasmine uses behavior-driven development (BDD) to define tests and handle present errors in code. It requires JavaScript runtime and has transformed through its major releases since 2011 while significantly improving the testing experience for developers and making it more modern with each update. is an advanced AngularJS development tool that was originally developed for the Menta Stats project. Now it can be used on any site. This particular Angular development tool brings more possibilities into the experience for AngularJS web application developers compared to other tools out there. The reason is that handles all the interaction-related tasks including selecting items from a list, handling macros, and switching between text areas or text fields quickly with ease. 


Mocha.js is a JavaScript testing framework that is used to test AnguarJS applications. The framework can be used for any JavaScript unit testing purpose, especially on the front end. Mocha tests are written as asynchronous functions and share the same interface as Node.js’s callback functions, making it possible to decouple tests by signaling an async test to wait until the previous async test is done, or vice versa. The framework has a very easy-to-use syntax. It allows success/failure hooks that are executed after assertions have completed execution for both cases.


The angular-gettext provides data annotation and binding functionality for angular, which enables the easy creation of dynamic and translator-friendly templates and forms. This can be used in converter component or view to make them translatable, as well as facilitate automated translation workflows.

Code Orchestra 

Code Orchestra is the first platform for code collaboration and code reviews. Our tools were designed based on one guiding idea: to make the professional developer’s workflow effective, convenient, and highly enjoyable. We’ve been working for over a year now focusing on improving the development process for both individual developers and teams with small to large projects.


Angular-Deckgrid is an Angular. js-based module for creating grids and layouts. The library provides self-sufficient components that allow the creation of the most common layout patterns.


Videogular is a JavaScript (AngularJS) video player for web applications that allows front-end developers to easily integrate video support into their projects, including end-users, site administrators, and video content managers.


Standing as one of the best backend Angular JS development tools for AngularJS applications, FireBase is an online IDE (integrated development environment) for your Angular projects. Firebase provides a number of features to streamline the process of creating AngularJS applications from scratch within its backend office.


This amazing development tool allows you to access information from RESTful web servers with great ease. Further, with minimal code requirements, Rest-Angular streamlines interaction with the APIs, maximizing the responsiveness of the application. Hundreds of developers and corporations have already started using this AngularJS development tool and have achieved the utmost satisfaction results. The tool can be integrated into any number of web applications to get optimized performance and increased performance.


With the above Angular JS tools, you will be able to create dynamic, feature-rich, and high-performing apps. The ease with which you can create a perfect application with these web development tools is what sets them apart from the rest of the options available in the market. There are several popular development companies that have already started using Angular JS for their projects. Some of these include Google, GoDaddy, Yahoo!, and Microsoft.

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