Exploring Essential React Native Component Libraries for 2023

Exploring Essential React Native Component Libraries for 2023

Quick Summary:  When you’re developing apps with React, component libraries are a great way to save yourself from reinventing the wheel. You can say goodbye to time-consuming tasks, like writing your own dropdown menu or date-picker. Your new job is much easier – simply pick a component that fits your needs and implement it in your app structure. Instead of building every small piece of functionality from scratch, you now only need to focus on what differentiates your application from all the other applications out there.

React Native Component Libraries

Best React Native component libraries of the year

NativeBase – NativeBase is a stand-alone and open-source framework for web, Android, and iOS apps using React Native. It helps developers to build cross-platform apps using JavaScript. Using a native approach, NativeBase allows developers to write code once and run it on both platforms without rewriting the code or having to learn native languages for both such as Java or ObjC

Teaset – Teaset is a UI library featuring pure Javascript(ES6) components for content display and action control of pages. The idea of Teaset was born out of the complexity and unnecessary size of the present component libraries. Teaset provides an alternative approach to designing UI components by dividing them into the data layer and interface layer.

Material Kit React Native – Material Kit is a collection of React Native components that implements the material design system for Android. The library, which is not affiliated with Google, is community-driven and can be found on GitHub. It includes several components including buttons, cards, toggles, switches, spinners, and tabs. In total about 300 elements are available. A starter kit provides example pages that showcase different layouts of the components.

React Native Elements: React Native Elements is a toolkit of 60+ React components for React Native by a group of engineers at Automattic (makers of WordPress.com and WooCommerce). Starting with their work on the Admin Dashboard for WordPress.com, the team has collected a set of great open-source React Native UI components that provide components that are both high-quality and full-featured. On Github as an independent repository, this set of packages includes both Android and iOS UI elements as well as Material UI primitives.

Lottie for React Native: Lottie is a library for iOS and Android offering a simple way to add animations to your apps. It works by exporting animation data in JSON format from an After Effects extension, BodyMovin. This extension is bundled with a JS player to render animations on the web. BodyMovin allows you to create animations in Adobe After Effects and export them ready for use on your app.

Ignite CLI: With Ignite CLI, React Native developers don’t have to spend hours constructing an initial project scaffold. The instructions and boilerplate provided by the open-source project are enough to get a user started. And the best part is, it’s free. If you want to get a full-fledged environment for React Native application development, you can use Ignite CLI. It’s a great React Native starter kit with an excellent feature set.

React Native Mapview: React Native Mapview is one of the React Native component libraries that offers map components for Android and iOS. It is a common interface from where you can use regular features on any map such as markers and polygons. The Mapview component has been constructed in such a way that it requires enabling Google Maps API in Google Console.

React Native Gifted Chat: React Native Gifted Chat is a React Native wrapper for GiftedChat (Github), which is an open-source, cross-platform message and chat UI framework. React Native Gifted Chat Wrapper helps you set up a chat for React Native using CSS and JavaScript. Instead of building with Xcode in Objective C, you can use it within your React Native apps. If you don’t have knowledge of Objective C, then it will be beneficial for you.

React Native UI Kitten: React Native UI Kitten is one of the React Native component libraries that can be used as a starter kit for mobile apps for any domain, including eCommerce. The project has over a thousand stars on GitHub and offers a set of about 20 general-purpose components styled in the same way to take care of visual appearance.

React Native Paper: React Native Paper is another free and open-source library for building React native apps. It has all the major components, and these components adhere to Google’s Material design standards. It is a great tool for learning and prototyping since you don’t have to start from scratch and can quickly make something usable. These Material components that come with React Native Paper are cross-platform and work on both web and mobile devices. They take care of most details, including animations, accessibility, and UI logic.


When embarking on the journey of app development with React, leveraging component libraries is akin to having a toolbox filled with ready-made solutions. It liberates you from the arduous task of reinventing the wheel, sparing you the hours spent crafting intricate components like dropdown menus or date-pickers. Your role becomes simpler: just select the components that align with your requirements and seamlessly integrate them into your app’s architecture. By embracing these component libraries, you shift your focus from building each functional element from the ground up to refining what truly sets your application apart in a crowded digital landscape. It’s a game-changer that empowers developers to work smarter, not harder, and deliver exceptional user experiences more efficiently. Brain Inventory is a trusted name in quality React Native app development company to delivers scalable cross-platform solutions. We have an excellent record of delivering high-quality mobile applications for clients spread across industries including augmented reality, gaming, healthcare, travel portals, and entertainment. Our React Native app developers have the expertise in developing fully functional native apps as well as hybrid mobile apps using a single codebase approach.

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