Exploring the Best AngularJS Frameworks for Enhanced Web Development

Exploring the Best AngularJS Frameworks for Enhanced Web Development

Quick Summary: The web app development industry is surely growing, with the application of new and better frameworks. These frameworks have made web applications more streamlined and cost-effective in order for us to make our websites faster and serve users better. AngularJS is one such framework, which we all must be familiar with in this age of technological marvels and wizardry.

A Brief Overview of the Angular JavaScript Framework

Angular.js is an open-source JavaScript framework for building web applications. It is the first technology to embrace HTML as the template language. It also allows developers to use a combination of HTML and JavaScript syntax for building sophisticated, interactive web applications using modular code. With the help of this framework, developers are able to take advantage of the inbuilt features present in AJAX, an example of which is asynchronous data binding. Angular.js also uses two-way data binding which enables automatic synchronization of model and view without having to run extra code.

Angular JS is HTML designed for apps. In fact, it’s more than that. Angular JS is a complete JavaScript framework for creating dynamic web apps with responsive designs on different devices. Originally developed by Google, Angular JS today is maintained by a technical team from Google and community members.

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Popular AngularJS Frameworks for Web App Development: 

AngularJS brings a wealth of progressive frameworks with built-in web components and essential development tools. Discover these top Angular web frameworks to elevate your modern web app development.

LumX: LumX is an ultra-flexible Angular.JS framework to create visually aesthetic and user-friendly SaaS. It also aids in integrating Google Material Design conventions into the web app by using CSS3 features. The framework compiles and optimizes your JS files using Gulp and hence improves the performance of the app. This front-end application can be considered the best CSS framework for Angular.js because it flexibly creates a platform for creating modern and intuitive web applications. Furthermore, it includes jQuery as a plug-in or comes with no jQuery at all.

UI Bootstrap: UI Bootstrap is the best angular UI framework that uses Bootstrap CSS and JavaScript in Angular. This sensational framework is the front end of Angular and offers a wide array of attractive features, codes, plugins, fluid grid layout, and more that can support your web development process. In addition, it comes with extensive JavaScript, HTML5, LESS/SASS/CSS3 support to make your web development experience delightful. Also, it optimizes the page load time by reducing the bandwidth and server load.

Suave UI: Suave is a lightweight and open web development framework that marked its name in the market after its version 0.12.0 came out in November 2015. Suave UI is a beautiful collection of directives, CSS definitions, and services that empower developers to build rich UI components that are used by web apps. There is no need to add each component separately when using Suave UI (latest version 1.3) as these are stored in bundle files, thereby eliminating the need for including each component separately.

Ionic: Ionic is a widely used framework that comes with many amazing features and advantages for developers. It provides a set of tools and features that add ease to application development and support cross-platform deployment. It is a complete framework that includes all the necessary features needed in mobile app development like Touch UI, gesture support, animation options, triggers, and back-end integration. Unlike other front-end frameworks, Ionic is not just limited to mobile app development. It can be successfully applied to any Web or hybrid app development project.

Angular Material: Angular Material is a suite of UI components for AngularJS applications. It’s an open-source, lightweight library that delivers high performance and lower output. It is ideal for building web apps and mobile apps. The first alpha version was released in February 2014 by Google. The main purpose of creating a library was to offer a unified way to develop a complex single-page web app. Angular Material components were built with the help of Google’s design guidelines named “Material Design Specification.”

Quantum UI: Quantum is a web UI testing framework for AngularJS. It has MVVM architecture, and each component in this Angular library is fully testable. This Angular testing tool has many common into advanced features, and its components are relatively easy to use. Quantum is available on GitHub, though it’s primarily written in JavaScript. Furthermore, developers can implement or customize this Angular framework, with no need to write their code. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a professional tool, it can be an overkill for your project.

Angular UI Grid: Angular UI Grid is a very useful library for working with the grid components, which simplifies and optimizes the front-end development processes of your applications. There are many pre-configured templates and demos available for you to use. After installation, Angular UI Grid enables you to make a user interaction and change the data in real-time. Angular UI Grid maintains the modular structure so that you can add only the needed features to your project. This framework has changed the way we think about web app development involving huge databases.

PrimeNG: PrimeNG is an open-source advanced UI component library for Angular. It has been built for developers to use with Angular and it allows them to build rich desktop, mobile web, and native apps quickly. The two-way data binding of PrimeNG helps developers with easier manipulation and synchronization between the views and model files. It also comes with fully responsive layouts, performance-optimized components, Angular modules, a high-quality codebase, and many more powerful features.

Angular UI Tree: Angular UI Tree helps in developing single-page client-side web applications. It makes it easier for developers to organize, style, and test their code. Angular UI Tree is an AngularJs extension written by the Angular Team itself. It uses its own injector meaning you don’t need jQuery to use it. It provides you with drag-and-drop capabilities, allowing you to change tree items effortlessly. Nonetheless, it has some shortcomings that make it not as powerful as its competitors. That’s why you need other AngularJS libraries or frameworks alongside your UI framework when building a web app.


There are a lot of frameworks in the market for web developers. When you need to build a dynamic app, these Angular UI frameworks will be your prime choice. These frameworks have their own pros and cons, and that’s why you need to know your requirements well and choose one or more according to your project needs. BrainInventory is a top AngularJS development company, We specialize in building web and mobile apps using JavaScript technologies, such as HTML5, AngularJS, and others. The team of our web app developers consists of proven experts with rich experience in custom software design and development. Let’s talk to discuss your new project!

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