Exploring the World of Travel App Development: Different Types, Essential Features, and Future Trends

Exploring the World of Travel App Development: Different Types, Essential Features, and Future Trends

Quick Summary: As technology becomes more advanced, travel has become easier for travelers. Today’s users can book flights, hotels, and vacations online. They can even review products and services before making a purchase. These advancements in technology allow travelers to access the Internet in-flight, book their lodging in advance, read reviews before visiting a tourist attraction or restaurant, and reserve rides on public transportation.

A software platform that is tailor-made to meet the specific needs of customers in a particular industry can go a long way toward improving company sales, streamlining management and operations, and allowing businesses to deliver more efficiently than ever before. Although travel app development is not new and there has been a significant rise in the number of companies offering them as an alternative to traditional paper-based or online travel management, it is still challenging for companies to access opportunities within this dynamic business sector.

Travel Apps Market 

The online travel market is poised to become a $1,091 billion market by the time we reach 2022, which in turn, would register a CAGR of around 11.1% during the estimated period of the period 2016-2022. The growth can be attributed to factors such as a rise in the number of tourists visiting the country and the rise in the income levels of visitors.

Here are some reasons backing this growth:

  • The USA is a country with a large number of visitors, travelers, and tourists. One in every 5 visitors (20% or 2.5 million people) to the United States in 2016 made use of a smartphone app, corresponding to an increase of 52% compared to 2015. Moreover, 16% of all leisure travelers made use of 8 apps on average during their stay in the U.S., with maps (52%), weather (51%), and branded airlines (50%) being the most popular applications used by users who traveled in the country.
  • They have also determined that their main user experience concerns in terms of what they want the app to deliver are: real-time flight alerts (66%), the ability to view the complete app itinerary in one place (62%), and the ease of searching and booking flights (60%).

Top Players in the Travel Apps Segment

Several applications have not just become exemplary examples of travel mobile app development done right but are also leading the growth chart that the travel industry has found itself on.

Here are the top ones:

  • TripIt
  • Google Trip
  • Road trippers
  • Packing Pro

Travel apps are as individual and varied as the traveler, who uses them. Today’s travelers have grown accustomed to a wide variety of tools and services, so they’re constantly looking for new ways to enhance their travel experience. In addition, the app industry itself is growing exponentially with new players entering the field every day and offering their solutions in different segments. 

Travel Application Development

Essential Features For A Travel Application Development

Travel Itinerary Generator

A travel itinerary generator is one of the most demanded features in the travel industry. This feature helps users to create a complete travel plan by just adding the location they want to visit. With this feature, the admin can add existing tourist attractions or even add custom landmarks to generate a tour plan for users accordingly.

Geo-Tracking Services

Tracking service is an essential service for a travel application. Users can quickly check the current location of each other and even find the nearest results during their trip. GPS-based location service is one of those services you need to include in your application to provide this function.

Weather or Climate Forecasting

There is a lot of confusion in the aviation industry regarding climate and its effect on travel. The development of mobile applications that can help users foresee potential climate changes and what it could mean for their travel plans, has become essential for all travelers. This has led to the development of mobile apps that can help people plan their journeys better and avoid any unnecessary problems.

In-App Language Translator

In the travel industry, language is one of the most challenging parts for users. People often want to communicate in the language they have come across and know best. An in-app language translator can make this easier for them by providing visual and verbal translations that are convenient and easy to use.

Currency Converter

Think from a tourist’s perspective. You are on a trip and need to exchange some currencies. To know the currency exchange rates you shouldn’t need to look beyond your travel app.

Location-Based Emergency Services

This trending feature is a great addition to any app. The location-based emergency service provides an easy way of contacting the nearest service provider. The users can call the user-selected contact number and get immediate help. An interesting fact is that many apps provide similar features and they have been successful at it.

App Service Integration

Providing a taxi service is a part of any travel app. A small thing can make a difference in a major way. If you need transport service, you can always rely on highly skilled and experienced development companies who will integrate the cab services as it is the base of any travel application. 

How much does it cost to make a travel app?

The cost that an online travel app development company charges are dependent on a plethora of different factors and elements, which includes the nature, structure, functionality, and scale of the project. This is to say that some projects are more complex than others, resulting in varied costs. Which includes:

  • The platform application will be made live on
  • The feature set that should be present in the app
  • The team size working on the project
  • The extent of technology used to develop the application 
  • The location of the travel application development company

It is important to know the elements that makeup travel applications and the cost of app development, but it is equally important to know the ways you can earn back the money you invested in the development of your travel application.

Travel is a fundamental part of people’s lives. Almost everyone has at least visited another country and traveled for a holiday. It is an experience that can only be appreciated by the ones who have been through it. With advances in technology, travel apps could make life easy for travelers and well-rounded individuals alike. The concept of mobile technology finding its way into travel and tourism has been widely discussed – it is certainly feasible, and it may even come to pass within the next few years.

Brain Inventory is a full-service app development company with an abundance of experience working with enterprise clients to build the solutions that they need.

To know more about travel app development like key considerations, app monetization, and cost estimation, contact us.

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