The Definitive Guide to Hire TypeScript Developer

The Definitive Guide to Hire TypeScript Developer

Quick Summary: Javascript is considered as the developer’s left hand for website programming. Yet, when its capabilities run short, a foolproof solution comes into life: Typescript. When you hire  Typescript developer, it can save you from all the roadblocks that you may face during the development journey. Also, typescript developers are professionally trained to do everything that Javascript developers can, but unfortunately, the reverse doesn’t hold true. 

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Skills to look for while hire typescript developer

  • Proficiency in programming languages- Typescript developers should be proficient in a wide range of programming languages. While they may be an ideal candidate for Typescript, a basic understanding of other languages like Python, Javascript, etc is essential for your project’s success. 
  • Portfolio- While the recruitment process is on, you may assess a candidate’s skills by requesting code samples which showcases their expertise and skill level. Also if any developer is active in the Typescript community support forums, it is a green signal for you. 
  • Technical skills- Ensure that the developer you hire, possess the necessary technical skills you require for your project, and a deeper understanding of the Typescript and its features, experience in developing small scale and large scale web applications, and ability to deliver a smoother, interactive website. 
  • Database knowledge- A perfectly curated and maintained database is the backbone of any successful business. So the developer should be proficient in retrieving information, putting the data in tabular formats, or updating content within a database system. 

Hiring Typescript developers: Where to find the right talent 

  1. Online communities- Try to interact with vibrant and active communities on platforms like Stack Overflow, GitHub or Reddit to find Typescript enthusiasts waiting to share their experiences and may become your next potential developer. 
  2. Hackathons- Keep a keen eye on hackathon events, which are usually organized in colleges or universities. Developers participate in hackathons to show their skills and compete with other developers in the industry. 
  3. Genuine freelance marketplaces– If you are looking to hire a temporary Typescript developer, you may find them on Upwork, or Fiverr, which have positioned themselves as 100% genuine freelance marketplaces. 
  4. Job boards- Professional social networking sites like LinkedIn offer reliable search engines and let you post a hiring requirement for free. You can also connect with Typescript professionals on LinkedIn and hire Typescript experts when in need. 
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Key questions to ask while recruiting for a Typescript developer

  • Why Typescript?
  • Ask about static typing, how does it improve code quality while reducing the errors?
  • Ask them to describe the function of classes in Typescript?
  • How do they handle bugs or errors while coding?
  • What are interfaces in Typescript? How do they allow for better code maintainability and scalability? 
  • What are generics in Typescript and how are they important in creating reusable codes? 
  • Ask about some examples of basic data types. 
  • What are the differences between modules in Typescript and the Javascript’s module pattern? 

Common mistakes while hiring Typescript developers 

  1. Not judging expertise in other frameworks- Typescript is frequently used with other frameworks like Angular, React or Node.js. While hiring for Typescript developers, people ignore a candidate’s familiarity with these libraries– particularly ones that your project might need in future integrations. Ensure your hire knows well how Typescript works with other frameworks. 
  2. Overlooking Typescript typing knowledge- Typescript offers a special feature called typing, which has a strict discipline, as compared to the dynamic typing in Javascript. Typescript demands clear definitions of data types for every variable and function. Failing to assess a candidate’s expertise in advanced types, generics and utility types can create challenges while developing codes for your next project. 
  3. Ignoring problem solving skills in a candidate- Specific challenges like type debugging and optimizing compilers may occur while developing any app or project. Ignoring a candidate’s ability to assess problems and fixing them may lead to delays in project execution. 
  4. Not evaluating product fit- You must assess candidates based on your product requirements. For example, if you’re building a website only brand, find developers with experience in front end technologies and interfaces. On the other hand if you’re dealing in mobile applications, assess candidates for mobile specific libraries. 

So in order to hire the best Typescript developer for your projects, remember to assess a candidate on the basis of your product requirements, test his/her coding knowledge, language expertise, familiarity with the Typescript’s functions and previous work if possible. Avoid rushing the process, as it may cause challenges while developing and executing the project. 
If you still face any problems while hiring, or after hiring a candidate, you may contact a Typescript development company to take care of every minute detail and ensure that the project development goes smoothly.

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