MERN Stack: The Ideal Choice for Your Next Web Development Project

MERN Stack: The Ideal Choice for Your Next Web Development Project

Quick Summary:  MERN (Mongo, Express, React, and Node.js) is a combination of JavaScript-based technologies that can be used together to build a highly scalable solution. MERN is one of the fastest-growing tech stacks in the world and many organizations are using MERN for building Web applications as it leads to faster development and frontend-heavy JavaScript applications that provide a great user experience. 

Mern Development

MERN Stack Full Form

The MERN Stack is a compilation of 4 different technologies that work together to develop dynamic web applications and websites.

The full form of the MERN Stack is as follows:

M – MongoDB (a NoSQL database)

E – Express.js (a web application framework)

R – React.js (a JavaScript library for building user interfaces)

N – Node.js (a JavaScript runtime environment)

What Is Stack?

A Stack, in technical terms, is an accumulation of operating systems, tools, languages, database systems, scripting languages, web servers, frameworks, and APIs, among other things, that work together to create a complete software solution. The stack is a collection of elements that connect to offer a final solution.

Types Of Stacks

LAMP Stack: It stands for Linux (operating system), Apache (webserver), MySQL (database), and PHP (programming language). This stack is widely used for building dynamic websites and applications.

MEAN Stack: It consists of MongoDB (database), Express.js (web application framework), Angular (JavaScript framework), and Node.js (JavaScript runtime). This stack enables full-stack JavaScript development and is suitable for building scalable and real-time web applications.

MERN Stack: It includes MongoDB (database), Express.js (web application framework), React.js (JavaScript library for user interfaces), and Node.js (JavaScript runtime). MERN Stack is also used for full-stack JavaScript development, providing a robust and efficient solution for building modern web applications.

What Is MERN Stack?

The MERN stack is a new phenomenon in the world of web stuff. It is basically a JavaScript-based stack that is designed to create real-time applications. It consists of MEAN and REDISM tech stacks at its core. Anyhow, if you are looking for a quick way to build a web application, MERN is definitely a good option to consider. You can also see this full-stack JavaScript framework in action with a lot of open-source projects built for wide usage like GitKraken, and Apollo.

Popular Apps Built With MEAN Stack  

Several popular apps have been built using the MEAN Stack (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, Node.js). Here are a few notable examples:

LinkedIn: LinkedIn, the professional networking platform, has utilized the MEAN Stack for its real-time features, scalable architecture, and seamless user experience.

PayPal: PayPal, the renowned online payment system, has leveraged the MEAN Stack to develop secure and efficient payment processing functionalities for millions of users worldwide.

Uber: Uber, the leading ride-sharing platform, has incorporated the MEAN Stack to build its robust backend infrastructure, handling millions of requests and real-time updates.

Netflix: Netflix, the popular streaming service, has utilized the MEAN Stack to develop its scalable and responsive user interface, providing seamless streaming experiences across various devices.

The Guardian: The Guardian, a prominent news publication, has employed the MEAN Stack to build its content management system, allowing efficient content publishing and delivery to millions of readers.

NASA: NASA, the space agency, has used the MEAN Stack for developing various applications and tools, including data analysis and visualization tools used in space research and exploration.

Many travel and location-sensing apps have been designed using Angular. This is because the JavaScript-based framework allows developers to build rich mobile apps with dynamic behavior, data streaming, and animated interfaces. These travel and location-sensing apps can be used by consumers to make new friends, plan trips, and get leads for a business. 

Why choose the MERN stack? 

Mean stack web development is a type of software development that utilizes the power of Node.js, MongoDB, Express, and AngularJS. However, it is important to understand that this term has evolved into something more than just a framework for creating web applications in a short span of time. Mean stack application development requires thoughtful planning and forward-thinking. The main goal of the mean stack application development is to prioritize its structure so that it meets the needs of its users and can adapt to changing conditions as needed.

Optimizing development time is one of the most important ways to reduce the resources required for your projects. Whether you’ve been working and learning for weeks, months, or years — at some point you will discover that certain tools can improve your workflow and task management.

Mean Stack Web Development

Here we will give you some reasons why you should opt for MEAN Stack Web  Development

Agile Development: The MEAN stack is an open-source JavaScript-based web application development platform that uses MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS. Together, they provide a robust set of tools that can be used to develop and launch a reliable web application.

High-Speed And Reusable: The Mean stack is a full-stack JavaScript development environment that includes MongoDB, Express.js — a popular Node.js web application framework — and Angular.js for front-end web development. It is known for its high speed and reusability. Furthermore, it allows developers to reuse code and components across different projects. Additionally, it is a great option for businesses looking to design scalable and responsive web applications.

User-Friendly: The MEAN stack is the latest trend in web application development. It was designed to provide web developers with a platform that is open-source, easy to learn, and has all the necessary components required for developing apps that enable great user experiences.  

Flexibility: The mean stack, or MEAN stack as it is often referred to, is an open-source powerhouse of a web development framework that delivers a high level of flexibility in the development process, allowing users to change the front end and back end as needed. Moreover, its sustainability has been lauded by critics. Through the rapid incorporation of cutting-edge technology, this application is one of the best platforms for custom sites currently available on the market.

Cost-Effective: The MEAN stack is a relatively new framework for building web applications using JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB, Express, and AngularJS. The stack has become increasingly popular among developers because of its efficiency, convenience, and the cost-effectiveness of its components. This article reviews the main aspects of this technology stack and describes the kind of applications that can be built using it.

Scalability: Mean is a full-stack JavaScript development framework that combines MongoDB, Node.js, AngularJS, and Express under one roof. Mean was created by the guys at MongoDB and they worked hard to make all of the components play well together. In addition, to make things nicely scalable, it uses the NOSQL database system called MongoDB allowing it to scale easily horizontally by adding more servers with a load balancer.


The MERN stack is a collection of interrelated and logical technologies that create a robust web application development environment. It consists of React, Express, and Node.js enabling developers to take advantage of their powerful features that can be used for building dynamic apps and products in no time. A lot of people are familiar with Node.js, Express, and React as a single choice because they are heavy contributors to the success of modern web development. 

Have you ever wondered how to go about mern stack web development? If yes, you have come to the right place! We have a dedicated team of full-stack developers with expertise in the mean stack who can cater to your needs. So, contact us now and share your requirements with us to bring your unique ideas into real life.

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