Explore How Swift is Crafting the Future of iOS App Development

Explore How Swift is Crafting the Future of iOS App Development

Quick Summary: As we all know the kind of perfection APPLE brings everytime to the table. One more addition to it is Apple’s Swift- programming language which is ideally fast, more efficient than others, and packed with supreme functionalities and features. Since its launch, all the prominent and established iPhone and iOS app development companies started using it for its ground-breaking benefits and flexibility. 

Why do developers love this language? 

  1. It is fast 
  2. Open source 
  3. Superb error handling model
  4. New and updated syntax for reliability
  5. Collaborative and interactive playgrounds
  6. Safe and secure coding
  7. Based on the concepts of C and Objective C

The codes written in Swift are:

  1. Safe – With Swift, you are bound to make no mistakes. It eliminates entire classes of unsafe code. Variables are initialized before use, memory is managed, arrays and integers are automatically checked for overflow and data races are noticed during the compilation. Syntax is already tuned to make it easier to define your intent. Let’s say, three character keywords define a var or constant. 
  2. Fast and powerful- Swift uses the high-performance LLVM compiler technology, which makes it really fast. Swift codes are transformed into optimized machine codes. As stated in the above point, Syntax and the library are also auto tuned to make the codes perform best. No matter where they run– a watch on your wrist– or across a cluster of servers.
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Major features of Swift 

Some of the important features of swift for ios app development that drives it ahead of its competitors are- 

  1. Ease of reading and writing- With a clear Syntax structure, Swift is much simpler to read and write codes as compared to other programming languages. The Swift frameworks are to the point, which makes the product run smooth and fast. Swift app development makes it easier for developers to understand codes quickly and save time. Infact, Swift was introduced to be anyone’s first programming language, whether you are a child learning it in school, or exploring your career path. For educators, there is a free curriculum offered by Apple which they can use both inside and outside of the classroom. Novice coders have Swift Playgrounds at their disposal, which makes it super fun to get started with Swift. 
  1. Safe and secure- Swift ensures safety while crafting mobile applications with it. The cutting edge technology leads to an error-free code and upgraded typing system. One of the main advantages is that the programmers can see the coding errors within a fraction of second. 
  1. High speed advantage- One of the significant reasons of Swift’s popularity among iOS developers is its high speed in the developing and testing stage. Time taken during the development stage is reduced to a great extent which makes it one of the fastest languages available out there. 
  1. Interactive- Swift allows developers to see the output while they are coding, so that if there are any mistakes or errors, it can be fixed during the first stage itself. This makes it an interactive experience for the developer, where the Read-Eval-Print-Loop (REPL) component is highly valuable in learning, testing, or prototyping for the newbies. 
  1. Easy to maintain- Swift doesn’t rely on any other language, which makes it easier to maintain. The C and Objective-C codes are present in a single file, making the task simple to handle and manage. Developers get more scope to design and plan the application, improve its code quality, and make the application run smoothly. 

Swift, as compared to Objective-C


  1. Using Swift, you can develop applications in Swift Playgrounds, Cocoa Touch, Xcode and a lot more. 
  2. Swift supports versions iOS7 and above, so any iPhones and iPads developed before 2014 won’t be compatible with your apps. 
  3. Swift offers a simple Syntax, which makes it a developer-friendly language. 
  4. The coding speed is comparatively faster. It is 2.6 times faster than Objective-C, and upto 8.4x faster than Python 2.7. 
  5. Swift offers a rich documentation for beginners and experts alike.
  6. There is an increase in demand for Swift developers. 


  1. With Objective-C, you can only develop in Xcode. 
  2. Objective-C supports every version of iOS, so your apps will run on any device. 
  3. There is a slower speed of coding because the language isn’t developer-friendly. 
  4. It takes longer to write codes because of its complicated syntax. 
  5. It also has a rich documentation. 
  6. The demand for Objective-C developers is on rise. 
Popular apps built using Swift 
  1. LinkedIn
  2. Airbnb
  3. Hipmunk
  4. Sky guide 
  5. Clear 
Colleges and universities that are currently using Swift in their courses 
  1. Aberystwyth University 
  2. Community College
  3. Foothill College
  4. California Polytechnic State University 
  5. Borough of Manhattan 
  6. University of California, Santa Cruz 
  7. Technical University of Munich 

Swift is loved by everyone, and it is used everywhere. And the best part is–it is a free, open source language, available to a broad range of developers, educators and students. It can compile codes for iOS, OS X, WatchOS, Linux, and tvOS, making it versatile and powerful for a variety of applications. Swift community is active and thriving, with abundant resources, forms and documentation readily available to help both novice and experienced developers. Swift not only streamlines the mobile app development services but also opens up endless possibilities for creativity

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