The Importance of Having a Shopify Development Store for Your E-commerce Business

The Importance of Having a Shopify Development Store for Your E-commerce Business

Quick Summary:  Online retailers rely on eCommerce platforms to establish and operate their digital stores. These platforms provide the structural front-end and back-end systems that facilitate B2B and B2C commerce. They enable a seamless customer experience and scalable growth for any internet-based business.

It is an optimal choice for businesses that market tangible goods or services, whether physical or digital. Shopify’s adaptability, robust features, and customization options are why over one million merchants in more than 175 countries prefer it as their eCommerce platform.  

Shopify is a stellar platform, and its development store capabilities, like demo stores, are invaluable for testing design and app functionality. If your store sells products, each with fewer than 100 variations, Shopify is an excellent solution. Here is an overview of how to create a Shopify development store and the benefits it provides eCommerce companies.

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What Is a Shopify Development Store?

Shopify provides users with complimentary development stores that have some constraints. These development stores enable the testing of custom themes and apps or setting up Shopify accounts for clients. Users can earn recurring commissions when establishing development stores for clients and then transferring them. 

Constructing an eCommerce website from nothing is an ambitious endeavor. However, Shopify is a platform that can greatly assist in this project. Over one million businesses utilize Shopify as their preferred eCommerce platform since it provides quality, efficiency, simplicity, and robust capabilities. A Shopify e-commerce development store account empowers eCommerce businesses to install and evaluate new themes for their online “storefronts” before committing to the platform.

A Shopify development store is a complimentary account available through the Partner Dashboard. It provides no time restrictions and offers capabilities comparable to the Advanced Shopify plan. However, unless you transition to a paid subscription, you cannot install paid apps or make over ten private apps. In summary: This is why it is beneficial to recruit an agency to generate a development store for you!

Pros and Cons of Shopify Development Stores

Shopify, a leading eCommerce platform, provides an array of features and options. However, similar to any product, it has its advantages and downsides. Let’s examine the positives and negatives of utilizing Shopify for an online store.


Budget-Friendly Beginnings: You can start your Shopify store at no cost, enabling you to embark on your eCommerce journey without upfront expenses.

Simple to Use: Shopify’s straightforward interface simplifies establishing your online store, even for eCommerce newcomers.

Eye-Catching Designs: Select from various visually stunning, mobile-optimized themes tailored to your business, enhancing your store’s appearance.

App Selection: Access a wide range of third-party apps in the Shopify app store, empowering you to expand your store’s capabilities.

Scalable: Shopify accommodates organizations of all sizes, from startups to established companies.

Support Available: Shopify provides reliable customer support through live chat, email, and phone, ensuring help when required.

While Shopify is an industry-leading eCommerce platform with various advantages like an easy-to-use interface, scalability, and dedicated support, it also has certain downsides that are common to any solution. However, its pros make it an attractive option for creating an online store.


Development Restrictions: Until upgrading to a paid plan, there are some limitations:

Installing paid apps is restricted except for select partner-friendly ones. 

Creating more than ten private apps is not permitted.  

The development store password page cannot be removed.

Real transactions with active payment providers are not possible during development.  

Limited Free Design Options: While ten free themes are available, using additional themes requires a one-time fee. Extensive customization may need understanding Shopify’s Liquid code or hiring a developer.  

Potential App Integration Issues: Some third-party apps may not seamlessly work with your selected theme or may require modifications, potentially causing compatibility problems.  

Cost Considerations: Although Shopify is flexible, expenses can add up, including monthly fees, transaction fees, and app costs.

Steep Learning Curve: Advanced customization may require knowledge of Shopify’s Liquid code, possibly needing an expert developer’s services.

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Do I Need a Shopify Development Company?

Even individuals without technical knowledge can easily set up a basic online store using the plug-and-play capabilities of online store development. However, achieving the same results as a professional agency team may require more time without technical expertise. 

Professionals understand the workings of the platform and utilize its features and functionalities to ensure the success of an online store. A top-notch agency will assess an organization’s objectives and devise a scalable and optimized strategy for creating a high-performance Shopify store, leading to long-term results.

Using the Shopify platform involves more than simply adding products and selecting attractive themes. The primary aim of any eCommerce store should be increasing sales. Achieving this goal in a saturated and fiercely competitive online environment necessitates the implementation of SEO strategies. These strategies aid in improving search engine rankings, maximizing return on investment, and boosting revenue. Experts will also guarantee the seamless integration of third-party applications.


Hiring the best Shopify developers to efficiently carry out customized projects for your online store within agreed timelines will keep your business aligned with the most recent marketing innovations. They can enhance Shopify store functionality and expand your business through search engine optimization, resulting in more traffic, higher conversion rates, and increased profits. 
As a full-service digital marketing company, we are an authorized member of the Shopify partner network, specializing in Shopify development, pay-per-click, search engine optimization, content creation, email marketing, and revenue growth tactics. The Brain Inventory team can construct your store from the ground up or assist with migrating your existing one over to Shopify. Contact us to help build a cost-effective Shopify app store with a strong return on investment.

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