Top Vue.JS Development Tools to Anticipate in 2024

Top Vue.JS Development Tools to Anticipate in 2024

Quick Summary:  There are many dev tools in the market today for app development. But Vue.js is considered one of the most flexible frameworks for building different web apps. This framework has been rising steadily because of its efficient and dynamic nature. And if you are thinking why the Vue framework is gaining so much popularity, it’s because it has everything an app developer needs to build a high-performing app. It is one of the better frameworks that allow dynamic web apps to be built easily and quickly with fewer complications. 

Vue.js Development Tools

List of Best Vue.JS Development Tools

The Vue framework is a progressive JavaScript framework that makes it quick and easy to create interactive web interfaces. Coinciding with the recent release of Vue 3, the talented folks at the Vue framework have released a great set of tools for both beginners and seasoned professionals alike. 

Vue CLI: Vue CLI is a command line interface (CLI) for scaffolding Vue.js applications. It’s mainly used to prepare a development environment before writing code instead of installing dependencies manually, and in the process, it becomes a powerful tool for Vue application development. It can also be used by developers to develop applications by providing specific features that are not possible with a regular text editor.

Vue Press: Vue Press is known as a static site generator. It is an open-source tool to create structurally sound, high-speed websites using Vue.js. It was designed to be a production-ready and fast means of web development. While it was developed with the help of developers who needed a better tool in which to write their documentation, it has many features that make it suitable for use as a content management system.

Vuex: State management is the process of handling user inputs and changes as well as data changes within a user session the same way across your application. Vuex is an approach to state management proposed by Evan You for Vue.js applications. It’s an open-source library that allows us to use a centralized store for all components of the front-end application instead of passing props down to child components or having them get their own data from the parent component via some other channel.

Vue Apollo: It can harness the power of APIs because it is one of the most versatile tools. With Vue Apollo, you can query just the correct data, especially the one you need for your application or function. Simply put, Apollo components help use the GraphQL tool in quite a declarative manner, and it is best known for supporting SSR.

Vite JS: Vite provides a convenient platform for decentralized databases and applications. It enables users to have full control over data. All Vite user data of the public chain is encrypted. Data in the protocol layer is encrypted, stored in IPFS, and redundantly distributed in the entire network peer-to-peer. 

Vue Router: Vue Router is a powerful single-page application routing library for Vue.js that helps you organize your application and its routes in a neat way. The official documentation of Vue Router provides in-depth information about Vue Router, but I’ve found that it can be hard to find some beginner-level answers. 

Webpack: Webpack is a module bundler for modern JavaScript applications. It bundles JavaScript files in order to reduce response time and network traffic making your site/app faster. Webpack allows you to load any type of module that follows the CommonJS Packaging spec, but it also has a certain feature set for bundling your JS applications.


We all know that VueJs is a platform that came up with the concept of Single page application(SPA), which was largely used by the client-side programmers for rapid development. However, we know it is not possible to develop any large-scale application without any backend. Vue.js is one of the most popular frameworks for front-end development that has gained huge popularity among coders. Vue provides an extensive range of tools, i.e., Vue dev tools that make coding much easier and efficient for developers while implementing Vue in their projects. Brain Inventory is one of the trusted VueJS development companies offering end-to-end solutions for your projects. Our team of experts have proven experience in providing customized solutions for various business and industries. We are using VueJS because it works well with other JS frameworks or libraries, like React or Angular. Vue is a lightweight framework and makes front-end development easier. Our experts can help you with Vue Dev Tools, allowing proper inspection of the components and their properties, event records, style sheets, accurate positioning, etc.

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