Transforming Healthcare with Doctor On-Demand App Development

Transforming Healthcare with Doctor On-Demand App Development

Quick Summary: As we speak, doctor-patient interaction is going through a major revamping. This tremendous technology transformation is brought to you by the emergence of on-demand doctor app development services and medical mobile apps. On-demand medicine is an app-based portal that lets you book doctors online. As opposed to the traditional way where you need to go to the physician’s office or hospital, now you can avail a wide range of healthcare facilities right from your mobile.

Doctor On-Demand Mobile Development

Reasons Why Doctor On-Demand App Development is Getting Popular

Doctor on-demand apps have proven to improve the experience of patients and doctors, as well as reduce the amount of time it takes for people to see a professional. Although doctor on-demand apps are being globally used, they are not yet adapted in some countries such as India, which is in dire need of healthcare professionals.

Doctor-on-demand apps are gaining popularity because of the on-the-go lifestyle adopted by most working population. With many doctors offering a convenient way to access healthcare services with just a few taps on the smartphone, those who have suffered from the pains and discomfort of an acute disease are turning to these apps. The prime motive of such apps is to provide an easier way for people who need urgent medical care to find nearby specialists at their fingertips while traveling or stuck at work.

More Convenience

In numerous regions worldwide, particularly in local and remote areas, the availability of medical specialists is limited. As a result, individuals often face the challenge of traveling long distances to access medical care or waiting for weeks for a doctor to visit their location. This situation is especially concerning when patients are children or elderly individuals.

A remote doctor consultation application addresses this issue by enabling patients to connect with renowned doctors in real time. This offers them the convenience of receiving prompt and high-quality medical consultations and healthcare services with just a few taps on their devices.

Improved Patient Outcomes

There is a lot of benefit to telehealth or telemedicine. It’s not just for patients but also for the healthcare industry. Telehealth increases the efficiency of how healthcare providers conduct their services. It also reduces a lot of costs and admin workload. This is why several major companies have started to invest in the development of this particular technology. 

Research has shown that on average, patients who access video visitation services from home or hospital are two times more likely to obtain a timely visit with their doctor. This, on one side, reduces the number of appointments and related tasks. While, on the other side, let doctors provide better assistance to all the patients in real-time in the form of a call or message, which eventually improves their experience level and outcomes.

Reduced Paperwork

With the advent of technology and the rise of Internet-of-things (IoT), health care has been greatly impacted. In fact, one of the prime advantages of Doctor on-demand platforms is that they let healthcare practitioners and patients keep a record of all the details on mobile. These platforms cut down the time and hassle associated with maintaining in-office administrative paperwork. 

The practice of medicine has become highly digital and efficient. Multiple health services can be availed through mHealth applications without the trouble of managing paperwork as everything related to the consultation is updated and available on your mHealth application. With Blockchain being a decentralized system that enables you to store information, it has enabled technologists in healthcare to create innovative applications that focus on storing your data safely on cloud systems.

Lower Hospital Readmissions 

Doctor on-demand mobile app is a means of bringing quality healthcare services from hospitals to homes. Generally, people who are already admitted to the hospital can enjoy this service. But a lot of people don’t like being admitted because they feel it is expensive and that they don’t get the same quality of care as they would at their homes. So we want to give them the freedom to enjoy better healthcare services from the warmth of their homes. This ultimately reduces the number of hospital readmissions without affecting the quality of the services offered.

Products available through the Doctor on Demand app consist of telemedicine services to resolve and address an individual’s health-related concerns. The platform makes it easy for patients to identify and connect with their respective doctors to receive instant solutions to the health concerns they might be having.

Cheaper Services

Telehealth is considered to be the future of healthcare. By making healthcare services convenient and available in real-time, while cutting down the costs associated with ER trips and hospital admissions, telehealth solutions have also made these services cheaper and accessible to all. Most healthcare apps are free to use and are developed to benefit users in their overall healthcare journey.

Better Work-Life Balance

Oftentimes, patients complain that it is difficult for them to schedule an appointment with their doctors. Either because they cannot find the time or the doctor is too busy to see them on short notice. While this problem can be managed by making it easier for patients and doctors to see each other, new mobile technologies have been designed in order to help doctors conduct their work from home or when traveling. It has been proven that these applications and systems make a huge difference in assisting practicing medical professionals with their work and life necessities. This will enable them to enjoy a proper work-life balance, as well as gain better responsiveness and flexibility.

Higher ROI 

Telehealth applications are helping doctors grow their business. With telehealth applications, doctors have the freedom to reach more patients in less time. The apps allow them to offer services online via smartphones and tablets. Since technology is evolving day after day, telemedicine has emerged as a viable option for people who cannot visit their doctor easily or affordably. It has proven to be a cost-effective and efficient option for patients as well.

Doctor On-Demand App Development

Top Doctor On-Demand Apps Prevailing in the Market

Several Doctor On-Demand apps have made a significant impact on the healthcare industry. Here are some of the top players:

-Teladoc Health

-Doctor on Demand





These apps have transformed the healthcare landscape, providing patients with convenient access to medical professionals and improving the efficiency of healthcare delivery.

Doctor On-Demand App Development Company

Technologies to Integrate Into Your Doctor On-Demand App

All the successful software companies are aware of the cutting-edge technology that’s available to them. They use it to their advantage and crush their competition with their innovative new website designs and improved web applications. Don’t get left behind!

Artificial intelligence and ML

The increasing demand for personalized healthcare content and services not only affects your medical practice but also your business. The competition is on the rise, and you need to come up with a solution soon enough! An artificial intelligence service could become the base of your new remote doctor app. It will collect all necessary personal information about the patient and his health, and make several analyses in order to determine if the person is in need of immediate treatment or can just wait for a while. In addition, the AI will provide some recommendations to better maintain the overall health and life quality.


Hospitals and medicine must catch up to the emergence of healthcare technologies that move and decentralize. Blockchain is one of them. Decentralization of online medical services is a promising innovation to better the present healthcare ecosystem. With blockchain, it could be easier for patients to receive high-quality treatment quickly, as well as on-demand.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality these days has a great influence in the field of healthcare and management. Many doctors are using virtual reality to treat patients with phobia, seizures, or cerebral palsy. Virtual reality is also one of the top technologies to consider when it comes to developing an on-demand mobile app solution for doctors. TVirtual reality has been used in various ways, changing the way we interact with the world. For example, in medicine and mental health care, this technology has completely changed how people overcome fears, treat their anxiety disorders, tackle loneliness, and do many other things effectively. Using this technology for mass therapy will revolutionize the way people approach mental health care.

Voice search

Voice search technology in the medical field has become more possible today than it was a few years ago. The voice recognition market is predicted to reach $27.16 billion by 2026 and is projected to grow faster than other software industries such as mobile phones and tablets. The healthcare industry has been taken over by the technology of voice search in recent years, primarily for its convenience, efficiency, and accuracy. The integration of this search engine into your doctor on-demand app allows you to redirect customers to more detailed information about your products or services without worrying about them moving away. This way, you can set yourself up with the potential for higher income.

Augmented reality

Augmented Reality technologies have seen a steady growth of interest in the past decade. AR systems and technologies allow users to overlay computer-generated images atop real-world imagery via special camera devices and other gadgets. These developments mark an important step towards implementing digital technologies to further augment the healthcare industry, which is highly heterogeneous in nature and requires doctors to cover a lot (if not all) parts of the country to serve patients.


The healthcare industry is going through a revolutionary transformation with rapid growth in technologies like Blockchain, big data, and artificial intelligence. This trend to embrace technological advancements will help organizations to integrate all aspects of healthcare under one umbrella. Blockchain will enhance the security system and it will create a secure network for users to share information while big data technology will gather the right information for users and will be accessible in one place. Artificial intelligence (AI) technology will enhance medical processes by providing real-time analysis and support to physicians. Our Mobile App developers have delivered award-winning and groundbreaking mobile app development services to leading enterprises across verticals. Brain Inventory is a blend of specialist experts, who combine the art of creativity and execution. When it comes to developing your on-demand App, we will leverage our expertise with all the available technologies, third-party services, advertising networks, and/or content syndication networks and create your branded On-Demand Apps by our efforts that are powered with fresh ideas you are looking for.

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