Unlock the Hidden Potential of Your Workforce with IT Staff Augmentation Services

Unlock the Hidden Potential of Your Workforce with IT Staff Augmentation Services

Quick Summary: Many businesses are turning to IT staff augmentation as a preferred mode of collaboration. It can be an advantageous approach in various scenarios like when there’s a lack of qualified talent or when recruiting IT professionals is too expensive. Read on to learn more about what staff augmentation involves, its benefits, and how you can make the most of augmenting your team with experts!

Staff Augmentation is a valuable tool for companies of any size, offering them the opportunity to add specialized professionals to their teams. IT companies often utilize this recruitment principle, particularly when they have project- or seasonal-based needs. To access a short-term labor force for a particular period, they commonly collaborate with supplying organizations. The types of IT Staff Augmentation services available can range from increased onsite staff to remote workers. 

Even small firms are increasingly looking to augment their workforce with staff augmentation. While this may seem like the quickest solution, it is not always the most effective one. This is why IT staff augmentation is becoming increasingly popular with IT firms, as they have an extensive pool of resources at their disposal and can help you find the right skill set, at a suitable cost. 

Essential Of Staff Augmentation Services – A Brief Overview  

 The staff augmentation model allows an organization to hire outside personnel for a certain period to fit their requirements. It is one of the most effective hiring models to increase labor capacity and acquire specialized skills temporarily, especially when there is a sudden boost in development needs and consumer demands. 

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation  

Cost-Saving Without Affecting Quality  

If you only need somebody for a short while, like a few weeks or months, it’s worth considering staff augmentation as an option. Not only is it cost-effective, but you’ll also get excellent talent that won’t require heavy recruitment costs, overhead fees, or expenses related to the employee. Alternatively, full-time hiring can be quite costly – ranging from $11,000 to $20,000 in recruitment fees alone – plus almost six months of training to get your new employee up and running.

By hiring augmented personnel on a short-term basis, you save vast human resource expenses in recruiting, interviewing, and training staff. And since these professionals have adequate expertise in your required segment, they do not need much training. 

Another significant expense saved is the business overheads like office space, hardware, and other facilities. Besides, you only pay them for the hired period on a specific project, hence reducing your employee expenses on: 


Staff benefits

Tax expenses

Social security 

Parking benefits

Health insurance 

Retirement benefits 

Commuting benefits 

Using these costs towards other profit-generating efforts like sales and marketing strategy can benefit in leveraging your business. 

Promotes Flexibility  

Outsourced work makes remote work possible. The augmented staff is hired temporarily and works for a specific duration. This makes it possible for the workforce and team specifically to be shrunk or stretched depending on the project requirements. 

In addition to the incorporation and expansion of the project as the need demands, the process of staff augmentation allows small and large organizations alike to adapt to the ongoing changes in the existing market. Staff augmentation solution equips the given companies with improved efficiency, flexibility, and functionality. It enables them to fulfill new demands with the help of a development team that is project-oriented. 

Also, a remote team makes for better time management and smoother operations, without the constraints of a physical and permanent work site. With staff augmentation services, you get to choose the best experts based on the ongoing project’s demands. This way, firms are unshackled from long-term promises or commitments. 

Choose the Skills you Need Most  

Whether you need help with a particular project or for your entire business, targeting the skills you need allows you to get effective workers in place quickly and affordably. You won’t have to hire one person and then hope that they have the right expertise for the job; you’ll be able to pick and choose the right person with the exact skill set you need. 


  •  A typical outsourcing relationship tends to rely on an opaque and unreliable process: The contractor’s project management style may not be consistent with yours. 
  • You don’t know how they manage internal workflows. Are they using Waterfall, Scrum, Agile, or some other development framework? 
  •  Your contract may guarantee you only a final product, nothing more. This does little to inspire confidence that the product will arrive bug-free and ready to go.   

Access to a Wide Pool of Talents  

 With the rise of technology and the sweeping globalization of the world, as it is today, businesses are not only competing with other businesses next door or even within the same vicinity. Businesses are competing with other firms worldwide. It is cutthroat and complex, and solutions cannot be limited to local experts when there is a wider pool of talent the world over. 

But with staff augmentation, one can integrate global professionals skilled in the most in-demand tools and technology without the burden of a permanent or long-term commitment. Staff-augmented solutions provide access to a wider pool of talents not limited to locality or nationality, but with wings spread over the globe. With a broader array of talents indubitably comes unique strategies and fresh perspectives, enriching the company’s projects and lifting it onto the next level that you need it to be. 

 Result-Centric Approach  

  • Staff Outsourcing: You pass the work to outsourcing companies that handle tasks like implementation, maintenance, and deliverables, but allow limited control over the team. 
  • Managed Services: You outsource the entire faction or function to external teams that report to you, and you can track their progress from time to time. And they share the same risks and responsibilities for the projects. 
  • Independent Contractors: You work with self-employed developers responsible for delivering a complete service. Their primary focus is the deadline agreed upon and the outcomes, not the work process. 

Staff augmentation provides an ideal result-centric approach compared to the other IT cooperation models mentioned above. It is helpful if you require an additional team of talent for a specific project, whether due to a lack of skills or to meet a tight deadline. 

You can better manage the work process and monitor the team closely. It also helps reduce risks as you pass the responsibility to the augmented talents and do not solely rely on the stagnant experience of your current staff. 

 Experience Matters  

 Augmenting your staff with trained professionals at the height of their careers allows you to assign projects and tasks with confidence. Experienced mid-career professionals are not temps or interns and won’t need much training or assistance. Simply assign projects and tasks as needed and an augmented staffer or team will be able to deliver the results you need in a timely manner. An experienced professional brings his own considerable set of skills to your project, freeing up your time and allowing you to focus on the big picture. 


Staff augmentation is a flexible hiring model that requires professionals to work on projects outside of the traditional job description. When staff augmentation is used, firms can hire and fire employees based on the needs of the project. Staff augmentation works best in modern working environments that require different skill sets in a cost-effective manner. Firms benefit from this flexible hiring model by leveraging the capabilities of professionals with intensive skill sets in a cost-effective manner. 

Brain Inventory offers staff augmentation services with the highest quality and timely delivery. Our software developers are highly skilled and professional, and we take pride in delivering excellence.

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