Unveiling the 6 Benefits of Embracing Mean Stack Development

Unveiling the 6 Benefits of Embracing Mean Stack Development

Quick Summary:  Online presence and marketing of an app have become extremely important for business growth. A mobile app development company will help you create a highly functional application based on the latest trends and work excellently with the current market position. With the rise of the MEAN stack, businesses are now seeking solutions in the form of online and mobile apps to simplify complex processes, improve workflows, generate scalable revenue models, and promote consumer engagement.

MEAN Stack development

Exploring the Pros of MEAN Stack Development

The rapidly rising popularity of mobile and web applications caused an increased demand for them. Multiple technologies were developed to serve this purpose, but just a few of them are really effective. Among these, basically, a full-stack JavaScript web development framework has emerged as one of the most popular choices of developers nowadays. It is designed to speed up the development of web apps by using multiple awesome open-source technologies together, which include MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js (MEAN). When all these technologies are used together and integrated, they create a powerful web application development platform that can be used to develop practically any kind of website or app.

MEAN makes the switching between client and server easier

Developing applications using MEAN has become very simple and fast. It is a full-stack open-source based technology that allows the developers to build their complete application in a single language. With the help of MEAN Stack, it is possible for a developer to deploy the application on the server directly without the need of deploying it to a stand-alone server. It also supports MongoDB, which is inbuilt into its payment systems. Thus you will be able to integrate your application quickly with the database.

Isomorphic Coding is possible with MEAN

The MEAN stack is an acronym for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js. This is a combination of open-source technologies utilized for application development. The stack was formed to help the developers to create cross-platform applications that are dynamic and revolutionary in their development. MEAN stack makes it easier to transfer the code from one particular framework to another that is written in JavaScript or even one written in any other language. This was made possible by virtue of AngularJS, which became the primary motivation behind the creation of the stack.

Highly Flexible 

MongoDB Atlas, the database-as-a-service for MongoDB, has an integrated cloud-based developer workflow for building, testing, and deploying applications on any cloud infrastructure, including AWS. MEAN applications can be easily developed, tested, and introduced in the cloud with MongoDB Atlas providing single-click provisioning of a fully configured MongoDB database cluster.


JSON or JavaScript Object Notation is a lightweight, text-based, human-readable, and language-independent data interchange format. It is easy to generate and read by machines. JSON can be used in single server applications as well as web services due to its simple design. MEAN stack offers a modular approach to app development on top of the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) backbone. 


The term “the MEAN stack” is a mouthful. It combines four open-source technologies—MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node. js—that work together seamlessly to create better applications for your business. Apps built with these technologies are better in quality and functionality and highly cost-effective.

High Speed and Reusability 

Node.js and AngularJS are popular and powerful tools that help to achieve cross-platform development throughout the industry. They help businesses to cut down costs and make their websites more powerful, flexible, maintainable, and scalable. Node.js is used with Express middleware, which has an incredible framework for building single-page applications. This mixture makes it resilient to server-side scripting problems like blocking and concurrency issues.

Open Source and Cloud Compatible

The MEAN Stack is a set of technologies that are easy to use, free to deploy, and helps reduce the development cost as compared to other technologies. The cloud environment is very important to meet the high demands of your customer for accessing the service. With MongoDB solutions, you can reduce the cost of cloud functionalities.


The MEAN stack is a full-stack JavaScript solution for developing robust, large-scale web applications. The MEAN stack is really made up of MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS. These are no longer new switches in the web development world, however, have been fighting their grounds for quite some time now. The combination that makes up the MEAN stack allows developers to write code quickly and release often without sacrificing performance or scalability.

Brain Inventory is today’s most trusted mean stack development services provider in the world as our developers, designers, and consultants help businesses to build innovative solutions for their web applications. We use JavaScript (AngularJS), HTML5, CSS3, and Node.js on the front end to develop responsive and interactive web apps. Our JavaScript experts ensure that your application is highly performative so that it works flawlessly on any device. On the other hand, back-end developers use MongoDB and ExpressJS to design the database in a way that helps to easily retrieve and manage data across all devices.

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