Unveiling the Top Technology Trends Shaping the Food Industry in 2023

Unveiling the Top Technology Trends Shaping the Food Industry in 2023

Quick Summary:  In today’s digital era, the customer journey has predominantly shifted online. Whether it’s discovering new places to dine or ordering meals, the surge in on-demand food delivery and related services underscores the importance of reimagining the customer journey. This digital transformation is not only crucial but also presents a significant opportunity for unlocking new avenues of growth and fostering customer loyalty.

Top Technology Trends for Food Delivery Mobile App Development Industry

The Menu on Tablet: More and more restaurants are currently turning to tablets to optimize their communication with customers and improve their customer experience. Of course, what works for some restaurants may not work for others—it is essential to consider the needs of your clientele.

The Virtual Sommelier: Wine recommendations have always been a delicate matter. A bad choice and the meal feels awkward, or one that does not fit in well with your guests’ preferences. Whether we admit it or not, every wine enthusiast has suffered the embarrassment of asking a sommelier for advice on the most harmonious wine to complement their dish. But what if there was an easier way? What if you could have a personal sommelier at your fingertips? The virtual sommelier enables you to get more information about beverages and food menus…all while enjoying your meal.

The Connected Table: At the rates, the restaurant sector is evolving, it was time to offer an improvement to the mobile experience. In addition to a more personalized and more attractive application, the connected table will allow restaurateurs to draw benefits from its data and thus improve its services and marketing. The customer, for its part, will benefit from an experience much more satisfying than at present.

Accurate and Real-Time Delivery Tracking: One of the most important trends in delivery is the emergence of GPS tracking technologies to optimize the delivery service. With a high focus on transparency and finding ways to improve logistics, many companies are utilizing GPS-driven data to find out how late deliveries are, where the traffic problems are and even how effectively their fleets are moving around town, with traffic lights being conquered by well-behaved robots navigating intersections.

Order and Payment Terminals: McDonald’s, Brut Butcher, and numerous other brands are opting to implement order kiosks. These kiosks empower customers to make personalized selections and manage their orders independently. This solution typically complements a click-and-collect and online ordering service, particularly beneficial for businesses operating in the online food delivery sector.

Dematerialized Payment: Consumers have been paying with a portable device for years now. From payment by credit card, or simply signing the receipt and avoiding the extra step of paying at the register, smartphone payments are simplified and faster than ever before. One of the reasons why consumers love paying with their smartphones is because of how easy it can be done. From wherever you happen to be, like sitting at the table at a restaurant, you can pay your friends and even tip your waiter – this convenience aspect alone is usually a strong reason in favor of mobile payment solutions.

A Connected POS system: Easing payment integration and improving the customer experience is necessary in order to shorten waiting time and use an eco-friendly retail outlet. The custom-built POS software, Coinzone, provided by Triayon’s team of experts provides buyers with a unique mobile wallet that can be used for making payments at any location.


New technologies such as tablet POS systems and their integration with online platforms are increasingly popular, especially with the boom of e-commerce. These solutions not only make the work of waiters faster and more efficient (payment of the bill for example, for more turnover at the tables and a smooth customer experience), but also allow them to have more time to discuss or to customize recommendations to increase the average basket while attracting a potentially larger audience. A customer accustomed to online food ordering should be able to enjoy an experience that recognizes their loyalty and personal tastes when they go directly to the restaurant.

As a result of the need to save costs, the food industry has turned to technology, which provides them with many advantages. Every year, the food industry undergoes technological changes that significantly improve their capabilities. In this scenario, technology is a major factor that imparts great strides to the food industry and gradually impacts it. If you are looking for robust and functional apps for your food delivery or restaurant business, feel free to contact Brain Inventory. Utilize our proficient team to harness the latest technological trends for constructing exceptionally functional and resilient applications.

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