Boost Your Development Capabilities With Staff Augmentation

Boost Your Development Capabilities With Staff Augmentation

Quick Summary:  There are several ways for IT companies to scale up their projects without having to hire in-house staff. One of the popular solutions is staff augmentation. In this post, I want to share my experience with this strategy from different angles: the advantages of using a software development company near you, the drawbacks of using it, and the strategies for short-term hiring.

What is staff augmentation?

Staff Augmentation is a strategy where businesses engage with an external firm for outsourcing employees. A company can use staff augmentation in cases where it does not have adequate in-house resources – or human resources – to fulfill its business requirements. Staff augmentation firms are mainly used for project execution or specific objectives that require the expertise of these specialists only and do not need them on a permanent basis.

Staff augmentation is a perfect solution for hiring people for temporary positions or part-time jobs. This type of service saves you money and frees you from all the employment-related responsibilities like direct recruitment, benefits, payroll, and taxes.

Types of staff augmentation

Onshore Staff Augmentation: Hiring resources from the same country or region where the company is located. This allows for closer collaboration and cultural alignment.

Offshore Staff Augmentation: Engaging resources from a different country or region, typically in a lower-cost location. This can provide cost savings while still accessing skilled talent.

Nearshore Staff Augmentation: Hiring resources from neighboring or nearby countries, often with similar time zones and cultural affinity. This enables easier communication and collaboration compared to offshore arrangements.

Dedicated Team Augmentation: Creating a dedicated team of resources exclusively for a specific project or client. This model offers higher control and long-term collaboration.

Project-Based Staff Augmentation: Hiring resources for a specific project or a predefined duration. This model allows for flexibility in scaling the team as per project requirements.

Skill-Specific Staff Augmentation: Augmenting the team with professionals possessing specialized skills or expertise required for a particular project or task.

Temporary Staff Augmentation: Bring in temporary resources to address short-term needs, such as seasonal spikes in workload or covering for staff absences.

Remote Staff Augmentation: Hiring resources who work remotely, allowing for access to talent beyond geographical limitations. This model provides flexibility and cost advantages.

Hybrid Staff Augmentation: Combining different types of staff augmentation models based on project needs, resource availability, and specific requirements.

Contract-to-Hire Staff Augmentation: Hiring resources on a temporary contract basis with the option to convert them into permanent employees based on performance and suitability.

IT Staff Augmentation Services

Supercharge your business with IT staff augmentation

IT Staff Augmentation Services have been considered one of the best alternatives amongst other IT services and solutions available in today’s market. It is an organized approach where IT departments focus on maintaining, improving, and enhancing the performance of a business’s IT infrastructure, instead of paying attention to day-to-day operations.

Access to a Huge Talent Pool 

Staff augmentation services are effective for staffing in short-term projects. The services of an outsourced agency can provide you with all skill levels of staff to complete the project on time. It also gives you a source for quickly sourcing and getting specific skill sets delivered to your organization.

Cost-effective Competitive Edge 

Businesses worldwide are increasingly utilizing the cost benefits of remote staff augmentation and dedicated software development teams to build their mobile apps. By working with technology experts from abroad, businesses are able to achieve extensive cost savings that can be invested in other aspects of the business and their bottom line.

Less Recruitment Headache 

Businesses all around the globe are now switching to the digital marketing services offered by the best IT staffing firms. The digital century is creating immense changes in the job market. Businesses are looking for people who can direct their online strategies to achieve business goals. The right recruitment partnership with IT staffing companies helps businesses in building a strong and reliable team of experts.


Time and prioritization are essential factors when it comes to taking care of important technical issues. What businesses really need is flexibility in managing these issues in an effective manner. One of the best ways to go about this problem is by hiring remote IT staff augmentation services.

Only Pay for What You Need

IT staff augmentation is an effective model that businesses use to reduce the huge cost of hiring full-time IT staff. When you hire a full-time employee, you need to pay for benefits such as health insurance, vacation pay, and other forms of compensation.

Maximize your business potential with IT staff augmentation

Access to specialized skills

Flexibility and scalability

Faster project delivery


Knowledge transfer and collaboration

Mitigation of resource gaps

Focus on core competencies

Reduced recruitment and training efforts

Risk management

Increased agility and innovation

Staff Augmentation vs. Other Models

Staff Augmentation

With Software development outsourcing becoming the new-age business model, an IT company that aspires to move on in the world of the Internet and needs skilled manpower to augment its internal team has a variety of options at its disposal. The IT staff augmentation model is one type of outsourcing that provides an organization with a temporary team of software developers for use on specific projects or to fulfill specific needs.

Managed Services

The IT staff augmentation process can be structured in such a way that you deal with the end results without having to know exactly how your application was made. The team of skilled developers hired by the IT outsourcing service providers will manage the development process based on your ideas and needs. And, perhaps, this is one of the main advantages of hiring an experienced IT outsourcing firm.

Own R&D Center

By starting your own Research and Development center, you will have access to a pool of exceptionally talented professionals. R&D centers are a great idea for small and big companies including startups and manufacturing, software, biotech, and medical businesses. You will need to hire individuals who are not just tech-savvy but also fresh graduates with skills in IT and technical design. The professional workforce is working 24/7 and 365 days for you.


Hiring new talent for your business can be a tough task. Not only is it a hard search but also having the right person to fit in well with the team. Businesses and organizations are constantly investing in IT to improve their day-to-day operations. This is why there is high demand for IT staff augmentation services. IT staff augmentation services help businesses manage their employees by providing them a team of professionals who work as per their specifications. In this way, they can have full control over the projects even when they come from outside the organization.

If you are looking for the best staff augmentation services for your company the Brain Inventory is the best choice for your project/business.

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